YouTube Go App Download – Beta Version Released for Android

By | April 26, 2017


YouTube Go App

YouTube Go Beta version is now officially available to download directly  from the Google Play Store on Android devices. YouTube Go is similar to Official YouTube app but only unique thing is that in this app you can watch and share the videos Offline or you can say without any internet connection.

YouTube Go app is officially launches by the Google in an event which was held on 27th September 2016. So Guys ! Get ready to experience the YouTube app in a better way. This app packed with many unique features which you people definitely going to like it. For the time being, this app is only available in India. Google has not announced yet to launch YouTube Go app in other countries.

The main aim of YouTube Go app is to provide the availability of videos when their is no or Low internet connectivity. As in countries like India , the internet speed is very slow in majority of places and due to that people are not able to watch the videos. On the other hand with the Starting of 4G LTE service of Reliance Jio in India, the average connectivity speed is increase but not that much to overcome this problem of buffering videos. Therefore, the YouTube Go app launch in India with perfect tagline of “Mazze Udao, Data Nahin! to provide better experience of watching videos where data connectivity is still on 2G Network.

To develop this app, Google’s Team initially traveled all over the place in India to get rich experience about Indian users and their requirements about YouTube. Along with that they have made several prototypes to test the application according to their desire. After all this surveys and iterations, Google finally developed a unique and feature packed app called YouTube GO app for YouTube Lovers in India. This app becomes a boon for all Indian as it can able to run smoothly all YouTube videos at Offline mode and provides the facility to share that video. YouTube Go app is able to play any video of your desire at High definition on networks like 2G, 3G or 4G Network.

Before you thought about downloading the YouTube Go app on your android device, let’s talk about the unique features of YouTube GO app.


Astounding Features of YouTube Go App

1 ) Everything is on YouTube Go App Home Screen !

YouTube Go displays all videos on the home screen itself and it doesn’t depend on the video category that you want to watch. It shows sections of videos from Most Trending to most watched which creates better user interface. You can easily gone through this section and you never miss interesting and exciting videos.

2 ) Data Spending is in your Hands!

We all know that YouTube app consumes a lot of internet data when we watch any videos and this is not because of the YouTube app but because of the high resolution videos that you are streaming at that time. This problem can solve by using YouTube Go app app as it controls the internet data consumption by changing video quality of a particular video and you can save that video offline in the app itself and watch it later.


3) Not Sure What to Watch? Preview It!

Many times people are in a confusion to watch a particular video as they are afraid that it might consume their internet data if the video is not good. This problem can be resolved by downloading YouTube Go app through which you can preview a particular video by tapping on the thumbnail, it gives a brief and rough idea about the content and quality of that video and then you can decide whether to watch it or not! Just skip that video if you aare satisfy with the content as it will saves the internet data and time of your’s.

4) Share Videos with your Loves Ones!

With the original YouTube app have you ever try to share videos with your friends or family members, we Know that your answer would be no because to do that you must have your YouTube channel name. But in the case of YouTube Go app you can easily share any videos with your friends within a limited range without any internet connectivity, isn’t great ? Yes, You heard that right, share videos from YouTube Go app with the help of Bluetooth with your loved ones. This makes the app very cool and unique.

There are some of the exciting and unique features of YouTube Go Offline streaming app. Now, we know that you are so much excited to download this application your device, So without any further delay let’s have a look on some of the important steps that you need to follow to get YouTube Go app on your android device.


YouTube Go App Download

This app is not officially launched by Google in the Play Store and for downloading this app you need to wait for a couple of months. For the time being you can register to this link by entering your 10 digit mobile number so that you will get notified when this app is available for download on Google Play Store.

Once you complete the above step, you will see a pop-up message “Thank You for Signing Up, we will notify you when YouTube Go is available.”

Thi sis the overall procedure to download YouTube Go app and there is no official news from Google regarding the availability of this app on iOS device or on other Operating systems. YouTube Go app will be available soon in India but the release date is not  mentioned yet. So, Just wait and watch for further news regarding YouTube Go app !


Quick facts about YouTube Go App.

1) The decision to launch the YouTube Go app was announced at Google Event in Delhi. “In an increasingly mobile-first world, India gives us early insights into the future of the Internet,” said Google CEO, Sundar Pichai.” “Moreover, we learned the issues Indians may have with connectivity and data constraints can be universal.”So the intentions are quite clear from the CEO of Google that they want to explore the unknown places of India to the internet world.

2)  Before YouTube Go App, Google launched, YouTube Smart offline platform to make sure that the videos are saved offline and you can watch them offline at any time without any worry of data plans! Saving videos overnight saves lots of data and you also get an option to select the resolution of the video so that you don’t exhaust the data plan. But seems like this wasn’t enough to reach more people in India and YouTube Go took a birth now!

To get more news and latest updates regarding YouTube Go app, Stay tuned to our blog and if you have any queries or doubts, post your questions and thoughts on YouTube GO in the comment section below.

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