You can Downgrade iTunes 12.1 back to 12.0.1 for Jailbreak Purposes in iOS 8

By | May 25, 2015

The versions 12.1 of iTunes and 8.1.3 of iOS are known to be the ones that are preventing jailbreak from happening. It’s a well known fact that jailbreak is one of the most interesting things that you can do with iOS, and in order for you to do that, making sure that you downgrade your iTunes back to 12.0.1, and your iOS to 8.1.2 so that you will be able to start jailbreaking again.


Over the past week, apple decided to develop and release a little update to iOS and iTunes. These updates might be minor, but they provide and update that’s worth remembering for. This is an update that’s meant to preventing jailbreak from happening ever again so that you will be able to use the device in a fair way.

For sure you’re aware about the lessons on how to effectively downgrade iOS 8.1.3 to 8.1.2 to get jailbreaking done. This time, you will be downgrading your iTunes 12.1 to get something that’s fit for jailbreaking. It seems that you need to do this because downgrading using the current version of iTunes is not available as well. Since they want to prevent jailbreaking, they decided to do this for iTunes as well to perfectly secure everything for good.

Gladly this problem is not that big,because there is a good way for you to downgrade your iTunes. Take note that this might be stressful to do, but as long as you’re interested in getting your mobile device jailbroken, for sure you will love to do this. Here are as follows:

Uninstall iTunes, iCloud, Two Apple Support Programs

Making sure that you remove all versions that you have is a must, and that means you need to completely remove everything that’s related to apple. Uninstall programs by going to your computer’s control panel, and by choosing uninstall programs.

Go to Music

If you’re on Windows, just go to C:\Users\<username)\Music\iTunes. If you’re using Macintosh, just access /Music/iTunes for you to access it. This must be done for you to edit the Library of iTunes to match it with the downgrade. Rename the iTunes Library.itl into iTunes Library.bak. After doing this important part, it’s time to restart your computer to clearly save the changes.

Install the Old Version

The next thing to do is to install the 12.0.1 version of the iTunes. There are older versions available throughout the internet, and it contains iTunes in a very safe and legit way. Once you install it, expect that you can now jailbreak your iPhone or iPad just like the old times!

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