Yes You Can Use PlayBox HD, HD Cinema  and MovieBox for iOS 8.1.3!

By | May 12, 2015

When iOS 8.1.3 was released it came as no surprise that the usual side-loaded apps were not working for iOS 8.1.3. When Apple released iOS 8.1.3, it patched eliminated the “date trick” that users relied on to install unapproved apps like Movie Box, without doing a jailbreak.

We have already found a new way for you to get MovieBox working with iOS 8.1.3. In case you’re a newbie, MovieBox, PlayBox HD and HD Cinema are video torrents.

Video torrents are used to distribute large video-related files to end users. Torrents generally don’t have user fees and are very easy to use. They are open-source and usually free of advertising, adware and spyware. In other words, generally speaking, no one is making money from torrents. For these reasons, millions of people around the world use them and their popularity only continues to grow. If you are measuring use the amount of bandwidth used, then torrents are the most popular internet-based activity. Although torrents are usually free from viruses, they are not always virus-free. Torrents are not tightly controlled like the apps in the Apple Store, so it is possible for hackers to infect torrents with viruses.


 With torrent streaming apps like MovieBox and PlayBox HD, you can browse through lots of popular movies and TV shows and then stream them for immediate viewing. It opens up a world of free movies, anime, documentaries, sports, music and more. You can get all of your favorite shows with just one click.

 Some of the major video torrents like PlayBox HD, HD Cinema, and MovieBox – have been blocked by Apple from working for iOS 8.1.3. Fortunately, there is a solution that’s working right now. You could downgrade from iOS 8.1.3 to iOS 8.1.2, downgrade iTunes 12.1 and then jailbreak your iOS device using the TaiG jailbreak tool for Windows, which you can find bundled at the Cydia website.

 You might be wondering why you have to jailbreak your iPhone to get Cydia. Apple doesn’t allow third-party apps outside of those approved for the Apple Store to be installed on iPhones, so the only way around this is to jailbreak the phone. Cydia is an app for iOS that helps you to locate and install software like these video torrents on your jailbroken iOS device. Cydia is more than an app, it is also a digital distribution platform for accessing Cydia software. Once you’ve jailbroken your device, then you’re free to install all kinds of apps that are not approved by Apple, including apps you install using Cydia.

 Most people are nervous about jailbreaking their iPhones so they can use video torrent apps. If you’re one of these people, then your only alternative is to continue to wait for someone to develop a new tool that works without jailbreaking.


In the meantime, we’ll keep watching the latest developments and let you know as soon as MovieBox and the other torrent streaming apps are accessible again on iOS 8.1.3.

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  1. Becki M.

    hey. i am using this on my iphone but when i installed it on my mac, it said it said that the app is damaged and i should move it to the trash. Is there any solution of this.


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