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By | March 9, 2017


WWE 2K17 is a ultimate video game based on professional wrestling which has been developed by the companies namely – Yukes and Visual Concepts. This Game is developed and published by 2K Sports for the platforms like PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360. But many android users wants this game on their Android Phones, so for that you need to download the the APK and OBB Data file of WWE 2K17 Game.

This Game is the eighteenth edition in the WWE Game Series, the previous version of this game 2K16 was launched in the year 2016. Many of us spend hours in watching WWE in our childhood with yelling our lungs out and if you want that experience right now, you must download this game.  There are many Games which are silimar and available on Xbox platforms could also be played on Android Mobile devices. Games such as NBA 2K17, Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, Battlefield 1 etc.



From John Cena to Undertaker, it contains many exciting players who are exactly look alike as we thought they are original players and that’s make this game so interesting to both person either you are playing or watching this game. You don’t have to watch WWE wrestling videos on Youtube, to experience that thrill you must play this game on your home. So before you start downloading WWE 2K17, let’s take a quick look on its special features and Game Play strategies.


WWE 2K17 Android Gameplay

1 ) WWE 2K17 is more advanced and improved than its last version, in this series the backstage brawls are involved. The wrestlers can now fighting in audience area and also behind the stage which makes this game even more exciting than other wrestling games available.

2 ) The feature of Similar Secondary System is very effective and has been present in the previous versions of WWE game series. This feature very much looks similar to the breaking point system.

3 ) This year 2K games adds one more feature called “My Career” (which you can find in the title menu) helps the player to create a Superstar profile to work as WWE manager.

4 ) The Interface and Gameplay of WWE 2K17 is similar on both the gaming consoles that is Microsoft XBox and the Sony PlayStation Consoles.Features like backstage brawls and Assaults in the crowd right after the match are included in this Game series.

5 ) However, Some features like reel highlights, victory and video creation are eliminated from this game to make it more mature and sophisticated.

6 ) In the month of June 2016, the 2k games has introduced the roasters as Sasha Banks Ultimate Warrior and John Cena and if you are die hard fan of John Cena than you will definitely get an awesome experience by playing this game.

7 ) This Year, WWE 2k17 manages to involve over 136 Superstar Wrestlers along with NXT Generation which contains Legends of the Past as well as in current year. In future you will also get 11 extra DLC for WWE games. As compare to last game version i.e WWE 2K16, there are total 26 new Super Wrestlers included in 2K17 Gaming season.

8 ) The soundtrack and music composition of WWE 2k17 will gives you Goosebumps and makes you feel that you are living in the WWE Universe. The soundtrack  of this game is very vivid in every direction as it contains 13 different songs of various artist and genres.




Download WWE 2017 APK Data + OBB File

The WWE 2K17 Game is official released for the gaming platforms like XBOX and PlayStation consoles and therefore it is possible to play it on Android Mobile devices. In order to make this game compatible, you should download the OBB File+ WWE 2K17 Data which is developed to make this game compatible on Android devices as an APK package. This process will also applied on Mafia 3 Rivals.

The WWE 2017 OBB File contains many files including Graphic images and encrypted data bundles that are necessary and require to run the APK smoothly and load the game properly. You have to take following steps to download the WWE 2017 APK :

  1. Click here to download the APK file of WWE 2K17. You can open this link either in your mobile browser or on your PC Browser like Chrome and download the file directly on your Computer.
  2. Download the OBB Data file along with WWE 2K17 Data which is required to place them in the correct folder.
  3. Once the downloading is complete. Go to the Notification tray and click on the Start button to begin the installation. When this step is complete, Extract the OBB data files from WWE 2K17 APK Data folder to your Android device.
  4. Launch the Game and be patient if it takes time in loading. Now start playing and experience the thrilling Universe of WWE.

If you are facing any issues regarding downloading or installation of 2K17 game, then feel free to ask your query in the comment section below. Stay Tuned for more Updates !!


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