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By | June 19, 2017


Wormax.io APK

The Wormax.io is a Online PC game launched few weeks ago, but now you can play this game on your Android devices too by downloading Wormax.io APK. The Wormax,io is much refined and improved version of Slither.io online game. If you ever played Slither.io in the past then you must try Wormax.io and we absolutely sure that you will love this game by playing it on your Android smartphone and tablets.

In online market many online games are available to download like Zmap.io , Zlap.io, Slither.io etc but the gameplay, features and game design on Wormax.io Android game is much better. As the gameplay is simple and effective, you will become addicted to Wormax.io online game and this makes you to play again and again.

Unlike other worm games, the Wormax.io have sleek design with greenish background which is way different from other online games. See the image given below so that you will get perfect idea what we are trying to explain.



The image given above is shows the default screen which appears on your device screen when you start the Wormax.io official website online. In order to play this game on Android devices you need to download the Wormax.io APK on your device (Mobile or Tablet running on Android OS)


Wormax.io APK Download

The  APK file of Wormax.io is not available on official platforms like Google Play Store or its official website because currently their is no such app which will run this game. But in order to download the Wormax.io APK file you can download from our website, as it is safe and secure method to download apps from trusted website. Of course, there are many online portals and websites which are also providing the APK’s for free but it may contains malicious content and virus which can damage your device. So download the APK right away from this blog post today!

Before we jump ahead to the section on how to download the Wormax.io APK for Android devices, let’s have a look on its amazing features in which we will show you some of its unique multiplayer attributes. Here we go !


GamePlay of Wormax.io

1. The game consumes all the  colorful worms that come your way!

2. In the game , try to absorb more worms continuously which makes the worms bigger and you will get thousand of points to make your position at top of charts. 

3. You have to Stay away from other worms in the game, it means try not to came in contact with them else you will be out the game right away! 

4. Player can learn many tricks and hacks as they move forward in the game. Apart from that various skins and Mods are also available.

5. You can play the game in online mode which allows you to challenge your friends by enabling Multiplayer option.

6. No need to create an account, the game is totally free and you can share the scores on your social media (Facebook, Instagram ,twitter etc.) accounts too.

7. Besides Android OS, Wormax.io online game is also supported on PC and laptop which means you can play this game on your computer.



Wormax.io APK Download for Android

Follow the steps given below in order to download and  install the Wormaz.io APK on your Android device whether it is smartphone or tablet.

1 ) First thing is to start you Android device and connect it to the stable internet connection.

2 ) Click here to download the Wormax.io APK file. Once you Click on the link, the file will starts downloading on your smartphone. 

3 ) Once the download completes, Install the Wormax.io APK on your device.

4 ) Start the application from app tray and start playing with the dirty worms around you and eat as many worms as you can!

This is the overall information regarding Wormax.io Android game. So don’t wait & Start Playing it right now! Tell us  the best thing you have liked about Wormax.io online game in the comment section and also share this Post with your friends & loved ones. If you face any issue while installing or downloading this game, post you comments in the comment box below !


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