Watch Dogs 2 APK Data & OBB : Download Watch Dogs 2 for Android

By | March 26, 2017

Watch Dogs 2 APK

Watch Dogs 2 APK is an ultimate game released for both Windows PC and gaming consoles like PlayStation and XBox, you can grab a copy for Windows from 29th of November and if you are having consoles like PS4 and XBox One then you can get it from 15th November onwards.

This game is the second module of Watch Dog Gaming franchise and it is developed and published by Ubisoft Montreal. The previous sequel of Watch Dogs was released in the year 2014. 

The game setup is based in the city of San Francisco in which Marcus Holloway, a criminal who became along with his former criminal partners. Marcus is Californian citizen who is falsely accused and blamed for a crime by the organisation called ctOS 2.0 and in order to take his revenge from ctOS, he decides to hack their systems with the help of expert working people of DedSec.


This game consist of loads of features including on on combats, Multiple missions, frequent traveling to California cit, authentic hacktivism and many other exciting features available in stores. If you want to install this game on your Android devices, then it is not officially available and in order to run this game on Android you have to follow step by step procedure to convert it in APK format.


Feature of Watch Dogs 2 

1 ) This game is some what feels like GTA V, as in this game also you can run around the city with the help of motorbikes, train, cars, boats and trucks by seeing the Map directions. The functionality of driving vehicles is very smooth and overhauled.

2 ) Player have the capability to carry heavy weapons along with shooting while driving the vehicles like cars and bikes. Marcus have also having skills like doing acrobats and parkour.

3 ) Silicon Valley, Coast, Oakland, Marin and Downtown area are some of the region that are included in the San Francisco map.

4 ) This time the city area is twice when compare to 2014 Watch dog game and therefore it becomes more adventurous for player to take defensive and aggressive approach while playing any particular mission.

5 ) The game domain contains weapons like thunder ball, Melee weapon and  billiard ball attached bungee cord with the help of this player can be able to paralyze the enemies through stealth evasion.

6 ) If you loves to do hacking stuff then player can challenge and compete in hacking alone.

7 ) Whenever you commit any crime in the city, the police officers immediately alert and try to catch and arrest the player and therefore this game includes three types of modes called as Aggressor , Stealth and Trickster.



What’s New in Watch Dogs 2 APK as compared to Watch Dogs Companion App

1 ) The Gadgets quantity and usage is increased and that’s why Marcus is having several technical and electronic machines which belongs to organization ctOS 2.0, through which he has developed the abilities like manipulating the private data of Non player and trap them to get arrested by the Police.

2 ) Unlike the Aiden, Marcus possess equipment’s like remote hacking devices,  an arsenal gadgets, controlled car, quadcopter, scouting equipment,  around 700 varieties of clothing accessories for fashion in the store.

3 ) As this games also supports Multiplayer functionality and with the player can communicate with other players in the open world community through remote system.


Download Watch Dogs 2 APK + OBB File Data

As in the above para we have already told you that Watch Dogs 2 game is only developed for the gaming consoles like PlayStation, Xbox and PC systems which are running on Windows operating system. Those who wants this game on Android will have to convert this game in APK format and download the important files called OBB files. After that you have to install place these files in file manager and install them and then you will able to run this on your Android smartphones and tablets.

These files are mandatory to download in order to run this game on Android operating system as this data files consist of encrypted images and graphic drivers that are needed for the game to work properly.



How to Download Watch Dogs APK 2 on Android

1 ) Click here to download the Watch Dogs 2 APK file.

2 ) Now Start the downloading of Watch Dogs 2 APK file and OBB data which are required to run the Watch Dogs 2 game on Android device.

3 ) Then Navigate to the downloaded files folder, open it and read the instruction manual to understand the procedure of downloading the Watch Dogs 2 on your device.

4 ) Wait patiently till the installation of APK file completes. Now extract the zip file from the downloaded folder and place it in root explore or file manager.

5 ) Your are all set to play Watch Dog 2 game without any problems on your android based smartphone/tablet.


Conclusion of Watch Dogs 2 APK

Watch Dogs 2 is very challenging game as it offers the player to play the missions in very unique way with multiplayer functionality. It also provides frequent trips to California from San Francisco city along with many companions with enjoyable road trips. Therefore it is a whole bundle package of adventures and intense gaming with great graphics visuals. Tell us your opinion about this game in the comment box below.


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