VPN Hack to Bypass WiFi at School and Work

By | May 28, 2015

Schools and employers limit WiFi access for lots of legitimate reasons, but that also limits your user experience. With this simple hack you can bypass your organization’s cumbersome WiFi restrictions so that you can go where you want on the internet and not just where they want you go!


Every organization is understandably concerned about the security of their networks and the huge increase in network penetrations has your school or employer determined to lock it down tight. Measures taken to protect their networks from malicious hackers mean your freedom ends up being restricted.

If all you want to be productive and have fun on your terms, and not theirs, then here’s a hack to bypass those pesky WiFi restrictions with a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

A VPN gives you your own private network within a public network for safe and secure browsing and transactions. Businesses use VPNs to securely connect workers and share data and resources and computer users use VPNS for accessing the internet when using public networks, like coffee shop hot spots.

VPNs are your connection between your computer or mobile device and the website you are accessing; consequently, any website traffic that is being blocked from accessing particular websites by your school or employer are accessible by you through your VPN. Since VPNs are normally encrypted and their IPS change constantly, it’s very unlikely that your school or employer will detect you.

So what do you need to connect with a VPN and sidestep WiFi restrictions? Just an iOS based mobile device and a free download of OpenVPN from the Apple’s App Store.

Let’s get started:

  • Open up Safari
  • Navigate to net
  • Scroll to your country of residence
  • Tap to download “OpenVPN Config file”
  • In the top-right hand corner of the screen, tap “Open In OpenVPN”
  • Activate the VPN from the OpenVPN app

You’re now ready to rock and roll, but if you have any problems, just go to:

  • Settings, General, and Profile and uninstall any VPN profiles that may have been previously installed.


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