Use This Concept Hack to Make Anonymous Calls From iPhone App

By | May 28, 2015

This is our first foray into concept jailbreak hacks because this one is too good to pass up! It’s called the Call Anonymous Button and with it you can make anonymous calls to anyone from an iPhone.

This concept uses the telephony systems that most countries have, by simply adding the right country prefix and by adding an additional button to the Dialer in the stock iOS Phone app. To make anonymous calls from the US, you just dial “*67” before the phone number and you would dial “*49” to make anonymous calls from Germany. You will need to jailbreak your phone to make this work but if the concept bears fruit, you may find that it’s well worth the effort.


While you could use this concept feature to make some hilarious prank calls, you could use it effectively to interact with new online vendors that you don’t want to collect you telephone number, or if you are a business and you want to anonymously contact customers.

This concept was created by Reddit user ibra038 who is interested in partnering with a developer to turn this intriguing concept into a reality. The Reddit forum has a really interesting discussion of this concept, including some tweaks to improve the design of the concept app.

We’ll keep you posted on this really interesting and promising forum, so stay tuned!

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