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By | March 1, 2015

Underworld Empire:

Speaking of crime games, what comes into everyone’s minds is obviously Grand Theft Auto. Grand Theft Auto is a video game franchise made by Rockstar Games.

Grand theft Auto is a sandbox-style game which gives players complete freedom on what to do and postpone the progress of the storyline, which makes it the more exciting to play. Missions of this game include bank heists, mafia wars and many others. We are not going to talk about that game though.

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Game developer Kabam brings the premise of Grand Theft Auto’s thrilling missions of mafia and gang wars to the iPhone and Android with Underworld Empire. In Underworld Empire, players are given the role as a mafia boss as they form a group of gangsters and taking part in a series of missions like bank heists, taking over a rival gang’s territory or breaking allied gang members out of jail. The game is more like Mafia Wars with a few added elements. Underworld Empire also adds social elements to the game with features like adding friends to your list with the game’s built-in match making system. This way, players can assist each other by giving them resources. Players can also indulge themselves in rival gang wars with other players to acquire their territory or resources for themselves.If you are ever in the need to look for any Crime based strategy game for your smartphone or tablet, then underworld Empire is what you are probably looking for.

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Underworld Empire is currently available from the Google PlayStore and the Apple AppStore for free. Originally designed for iPhone, iPads and also Android-based OS smartphones and tablets, you can also have the liberty of playing this game on your PC by following the guide below.

How To Download Underworld Empire For PC | Underworld

Empire For Mac | Underworld Empire For Windows 7, 8, 8.1

touch | Download Underworld Empire Apk

Underworld Empire is available for both the Android and iOS. But if you want to play it on your PC, then here are a few steps on how to get Underworld Empire to work on your computer.

For installing the Underworld Empire Android game on PC :

Step 1: Install any Android OS emulator (BlueStacks, GenyMotion, YouWave) to your PC with any of the give links below:

BlueStacks: [Link Here]

GenyMotion: [Link Here]

YouWave: [Link Here]

Step 2: After installing your preferred emulator, find the Underworld Empire in the emulator’s search bar or alternatively download the Underworld Empire apk from any of the given links below:

Download Underworld Empire Apk: Underworld Empire Apk 

Download Underworld Empire from Google PlayStore: Link

Step 3: When you find the game, click install

Step 4: Once you have successfully installed Underworld Empire on your emulator, you can now play the game in your PC.

For installing Underworld Empire iOS game on PC:

Step 1: Install iPadian iOS Emulator on your PC.

iPadian iOS Emulator for PC [Link Here]

Step 2: Open iPadian and use the search bar to search for the Underworld Empire game.

Step 3: After finding the Game on iPadian, click install.

Step 4: Once you successfully install the app on iPadian, you can now play Underworld Empire on PC.

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