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By | February 28, 2017

TuTuApp Download

TuTuApp.Vip – With the help of TuTu App you can download all Paid Apps for free for both on Android as well iOS. You can Download the official TuTuApp APK for free. TuTuApp allows you to Download and Install all the paid apps Free of cost.

This app can be installed on both major Mobile OS platforms i.e., Android and iOS and you can download mostly all popular paid apps for Free with TuTuApp.com. Due to its cute logo TutuApp is also Known as Bunny Assistant.

After Installing the App you can download the hack versions of popular games like Pokemon Go and Alfa Tournaments from the App Store. To run the games like Pokemon Go effectively, you have to install the Pokemesh 10.0 which comes with  real-time map. For Downloading the Unlocked games and coins , you can Download the Freedom APK from the Google Play Store.

Many Apps that are already available in the Market also provides similar kind of features but TutuApp’s great user interface and simplicity makes it at the top spot in the coming days. People are already addicted to this app because  it allows you to download paid apps without any cost and it is totally free.

As of Now the TutuApp’s official website is Available only in Chinese language which is a minor issue,but you don’t have to worry because you can try Google translators that makes your things easier and efficient.



Features of TuTuApp 

There are many features that will makes you more excited to download the TuTuApp on your iOS and Android Mobile Devices and that’s why in this article we are here to make a list of features that makes this app so unique and amazing. Following are the list of impressive features !

1 .  The Application market of TuTuApp provides you to Download the infinite number of games and paid apps for Free. On Google Play Store this apps are available at certain price. You have to Install the SB Game Hacker which allows working of  TuTuApp smoothly on Android. You Can Also download the SB Game Hacker APK besides TuTuApp for complete hacking of Android games without any cost and gain unlimited pounts, powers, gold, and Unlock all game levels.

2 . Another great feature of this app is Cleaning Expert which works in a similar way as Clean Master or CC Cleaner on your computer or Mobile devices. Using this feature, you can boost and speed up your device and also increase your memory by clearing up the unwanted space.

Also Download MP3 Song for Free – Tubidy.Mobi


3 . TuTuApp can also helps you to transfer your files from one device to another. If you don’t have any file sharing apps like ShareIt or Xender on your Mobile device then you can directly use the TuTu app. This App also allows you to transfer data files smoothly by using Wi-Fi  between  iOS to Android device or Android to Android  devices. We have noticed that the speed of file transfer using TuTu app is much better compare to other apps available in the app store and Google play store. This Transfer of data works on the technology called Cattle technology.

4 . The last and important feature of TuTuApp is the master controller of all known as “Toolbox”. It gives you the information related to the Battery management of your device , Wi-Fi Installation Guide, Address Book Backup and many other exciting features packed in this Toolbox. TuTuApp’s Toolbox is the one stop solution of all your issues or problems that you are facing related to device.

So by reading all the above points you can understood that TuTuApp is not just an app for downloading the paid apps but it can provide you some handy features that helps your device to perform more efficiently. In other way we can say that it is the combination of 3 Apps which are bundled in a Single App.
Now, We will see how you can download the TuTuApp on your Android or iOS Devices.


TuTuApp Download for Android 

As TuTuApp is not officially available in the Google Play Store so you can’t download it directly on your Android devices. In order to Download the TuTuApp you have to follow some procedure like you have to give the permissions or access to TuTu app so that it can install on your Android devices without any complication. To download the app in simple way on iOS devices you can refer the official website of TuTuApp.

To Install the TuTU App – Change These Settings in your Android Devices :

Step 1 – Navigate to the Settings from the Menu Bar.

Step 2 – Now search for the Security options by scrolling down and  Tap your finger on it.

Step 3 – In Security options you can the find the option called Unknown Sources.

Step 4 – Under the Unknown Sources menu, Choose the Radio Button that shows Enable and tap on it.

By Following the above steps you can download and Install the TuTuApp on your Android devices and start enjoying by downloading the paid apps for free !! Now we will see how to download the TuTUApp Pokemon GO on iOS and Android Devices.


Method 1 :

  1. Once you all set and ready, Click on the link given below to Download the App.
  2. As soon as you Click on the given link, the TuTuApp APK file will start installing on your Android device. You can download the APK file by referring the Method 2.
  3. Now it will ask for permission and give you the options whether you want the app to install or not, Just Tap on the install button.
  4. After Installation of the app make sure that it is working properly on your Android device. Now you can Start downloading all the paid apps for free and enjoy all exciting features which are bundled with it. If you are facing any kind issues/problems regarding APK installation or getting error such as Parsing Application failed, then you have to repeat the process of installation of TuTuApp APK.
  5. By following all the steps carefully, now you are all set to install the paid applications of the Google Play Store for free directly to your Android device whether it is Mobile or Tablet.



Method 2

This method is consider by many experts and it is a lot safer when compared to the method mentioned above. Due to security reasons this Method is highly recommended by many users. Now lets have a look on Method Number 2.

  1. First Step is to download the APK file of TuTuApp from Here on your Laptop or Personal Computer (PC)
  2. Now Transfer the APK file of TuTuApp (via USB cord or Bluetooth) from your PC to Android Device.
  3.  After successful transferring of the file, go to your file explorer and search for the file that shows the name TuTu.apk in your Android Mobile device.
  4. Tap on the TuTu App APK file to start the process of Installation and wait patiently till the installation is done properly.
  5. Now, as your app is installed perfectly, you can delete the APK file of the app from the file explorer as it is not useful anymore and there is no problem if you don’t want to delete the file. Its not mandatory.
  6. Open the TuTuApp from the app tray and enjoy !!


TuTuApp Download for iOS without Jailbreak

To Download the TuTuApp for iOS devices make sure your device is running on iOS 9.0 or newer version, so that the app will run smoothly on any of your iOS device. As we talked earlier about an issue that this app is available only in Chinese Language, which creates problem while installation process and that’s why we are here to guide you in every possible way to give you correct direction on how to install the TuTuApp on iOS devices.
You can download the app on devices that are currently running on iOS versions 9.1/9.2/9.3/9.4 or iOS 9 without any Jailbreak. 

Step 1 – First go to your Mobile browser say Safari browser and open it on your iOS device whether it is an iPad or iPhone. The reason for using the Safari Browser is that there are some apps that can stop the TuTuApp installation process on your iOS device so use this as your default browser for downloading apps.

Step 2 – Type the URL TuTuApp.VIP or tutuapp.com in the Address bar of your Safari browser and enter, now wait till the homepage of the official website load properly. It may takes some time to load the webpage, depends on your internet connection. If still their is problem in loading website then you can clean your browser cache and history and then try again, it must work.

Step 3 – After this you will able to see three Green colored buttons on your Mobile Screen, just tap on the button which is in the Middle to start the downloading of TuTuApp iOS. Don’t get panicked with the Chinese Language just follow the above instruction and press the middle green button.


Step 4 – On completion of above process, you will get a blue bar on your home screen asking your permission whether you want to download the Application or not. If you are ready then press the install option.

Step 5 – After the Downloading is complete, you need to install the application on your iOS device, for that you have to change some minor settings which we will tell you next.

  • Navigate to the Settings in your device.
  • Tap or press your finger on General settings.
  • Go to the Profile sections in it.
  • There is a profile  created on TuTuApp name, tap on that profile name and Tap on the “Trust”.


Step 6 – Just Follow the above instruction and now you are all set to use the TuTuApp on  your iOS devices for totally free !!


Features of TuTu iOS App

  1.  The TuTu App can be installed and downloaded on any apple devices that is running on the iOS 9 or latest versions.
  2. The user interface of TuTuApp is very simple and Unique which can be understood by any user. The only issue with this app is the Chinese language and which is not a huge problem once you familiar with it.
  3. With the Help of TuTu iOS app you can manage many task at once such as organising your contact list , scheduled events, battery information, date and time etc.
  4. if you have a Jail broken device then there is different version of this app availbale on the internet. You can get more information regarding Jailbreak version from the official website of TuTuApp.
  5. You can install all the Paid Apps for free which are available in iTunes Store using the TuTuApp.
  6. The iOS version of TuTuApp is also having a Cache cleaner [which is also available in Android] which can Clear the junk and unwanted files from your Apple device and makes your device very efficient and smooth to use.


The above listed features are the best ones which are available in TuTu iOS App, Now as you know all the features of this app, you must download the one in order to enjoy its attributes. Download TuTu App APK/iOS Now !! 


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