Top Free Music Players of 2013 for Windows Phones

By | February 20, 2014

Searching for a neat music player for your Windows mobile phone? You’re in luck. Music players are often considered as mainstay applications for most smartphones today.

If you’re looking for a good MP3 player for your Windows phone, there are still some players that you can get without having to spend a dollar. Here are just some of the best free music players for your Windows phone.


With a great number of downloads and positive reviews from users, Cool Music Player is one of the best music player apps for Windows phones. Sporting a simple but sleek interface, the Cool Music Player is easy and convenient to handle. The skins also feature a unique look and you can even set a timer to turn off music automatically. But that’s not all  – you can even search for lyrics online or put your own lyrics for a particular song.



  • Simple and smooth operation.
  • Set timer to turn off player automatically.
  • Search or put your own lyrics.
  • Background display of images from your image folder.


Thoroughness is what the TTPod Player exerts. After going through your phone’s files, it can also play songs online just by searching. You can export songs to both music and video folders, search for lyrics online, and even add the artist’s image.



  • Song info on the tile.
  • Adjust music quality settings.
  • Maximize display for long lyrics.
  • Sleep mode.
  • Smooth and fast app respone.


Keeping it simple is playing it cool. What the Windows Music Player has is a user-friendly interface that promotes ease and convenience. Windows Music Player can play almost every format of audio available and you can even download songs online directly into your phone.



  • Record karaoke with your singing voice.
  • Easy search for songs.
  • Download songs directly from web to phone


For those suffering from constantly skipping songs on your phone, the Random Music Player will help you relieve that habit by playing random songs from your device. With only two buttons that you need to use the app, this is one of the easiest music player apps in the market.



  • Randomize your playlist.
  • Easy sharing of active songs online.
  • Search videos on Dailymotion on the song currently playing.


If you’re the type to listen to music on the go, then Touch Music Free is the app for you. This innovative music player for Windows mobile is great for athletes, drivers or just about anyone who’s moving. Using smooth gestures, you can easily manage your music and playlists without even looking at the screen.



  • Simple interface.
  • No-look operation.
  • Manage with gestures or buttons.
  • Works best even when moving.


Music Wall shows you everything on the category that you choose – artists, albums, genres, etc. – and uses the corresponding thumbnails for easy access. With a cool layout and a simple interface, it’s no wonder that Music Wall has received a lot of positive reviews despite it being a new app.



  • Unique and cool-looking layout design.
  • Responsive controls.
  • Easy sorting with albums and artists.


A simple but thorough app, Music Player shows a complete list of all songs that are in your device. Being integrated with a web browser that’s unique among the music player for Windows mobile, it’s easy to search for details of any song, including the lyrics of the currently active song.



  • Easy access of thorough list of all audio files.
  • Integrated web browser.
  • Easy search for song details.
  • Search for lyrics with ease.

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