Top 5 Photography and Camera Apps for Android Smartphones

By | April 10, 2013

Through the recent years, the world of photography has expanded from the large high resolution cameras to the humble smartphone cameras.

This brings a new perspective when it comes to photography since this brings the possibility of capturing every moment, every memory that you experience with just one click of a button. The Pudding camera app is one of the most popular camera apps, but more camera apps are being developed for better user experience. Here are just some of the best camera apps for the Android.

Pudding Camera

Starting off with one of the best apps, the Pudding camera app allows you to take high quality photos with its, not one, two, even three, but 9 whopping built-in cameras with 8 different film effects that you can apply to your photos and create beautiful and artistic shots. It also features an instant sharing option for social networks. The Pudding camera app can be downloaded for free, but requires the Android OS 2.2 or higher and a Dual Core processor to function.

Download Pudding Camera here: Play Store

LINE Camera

Just like the Pudding Camera app, the Line camera app also has different modes and functions, including the capability to add effects during previews. You can even apply filters and effects before taking the photo, but you can also edit photos after capturing. Aside from that, you can also add frames, stamps, and other add-ons. Share your photos on social media with one click and you can download this free camera app for the Android.


Download LINE Camera here: Play Store

Cymera – Camera and Photo Editor

While not the same to the other camera apps on this list, the Cymera has a unique specialty. While the Pudding Camera app has its variety of built-in cameras and the Line Camera app has the application of effects before taking the shot, the Cymera specializes in taking portrait photos. With more than 800 decorations and several filters to choose from, you can edit your photos to your heart’s content.

Download Cymera here: Play Store

Lomo Camera

With 10 built-in cameras, the Lomo Camera is a powerful app that even challenges the Pudding Camera app. It also has 12 different film effects that add better atmosphere to your photos and you can even merge several photos into one. The Lomo Camera also includes a tilt shift feature which lets you take a photo that’s closer to the camera, but make it look like you’ve taken it from afar.


Download Lomo Camera here: Play Store

Camera ZOOM FX

Tired of messy user interfaces of many camera apps? Look no further as this is what the Camera Zoom FX delivers. With a simple user interface, you can take photos just by clicking anywhere on the screen. It also features several shot modes and full screen shots, as well as capturing as much as 50 shots in its burst mode feature. What makes the Camera Zoom FX great is that it utilizes full resolution and doesn’t bring down the quality of the photo when you apply effects.

Download Camera Zoom FX here: Play Store

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