Top 5 Best Volume Boost Apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod 2014  

By | May 22, 2014

Today, mobile phones aren’t just about sending texts or making calls. Today, mobile phones now come as music players, video players, and handheld gaming devices.

One thing in common between these is that they produce sound. However, most mobile devices don’t even produce high quality sound which robs you of the audio experience. But at times, the problems lies in the audio files themselves, often coming out as muffled sounds or static on a certain duration of the track.


Not getting the best out of your sounds? Then get a volume boosting app for your mobile device! But with the number of volume boosting apps for the mobile devices, you can never be too sure that you’re really getting a high quality volume booster. Here are just must-have iPad, iPod, and iPhone volume boost apps of 2014 that’ll help you get more out of your iOS device’s sound functions.

Kaiser Tone – Audio Player


Considered as the best among the iPad, iPod, and iPhone volume boost apps, Kaiser Tone enables fast and high quality volume boosting for your iOS devices. It supports a whopping 4000+ sound frequencies and it also supports high resolution sound playback. If you’re looking for a high quality iPhone volume boost app, you won’t go wrong in picking out Kaiser Tone.

Download Kaiser Tone: App Store

SuperLoud Standard

The SuperLoud Standard lives up to its name by boosting the sound of your device into that of a booming bass that’s perfect for music genres like Pop, Rock, Classical, and Jazz. Aside from that, this iPhone volume boost app also improves your audio experience when it comes to watching videos and a lot more at a very reasonable price.

Download SuperLoud Standard: App Store

Bass Boost

If you want to get more of a kick to your music experience, then Bass Boost is what you’re looking for. This handy iPhone volume boost app allows you to improve your listening and enhances your audio experience. It’s a handy app that you should be on the look out for.

Download Bass Boost: App Store


The Equalizer features a volume boosting capability of up to 12 decibels. This app also comes with an integrated and full control parametric, swipe Hz control, decibel control, and other control parameters.

Download Equalizer: App Store

SonicMax Pro

Looking for something that can make your audio from the loudest to even something louder? If so, then SonicMax Pro is your partner. This iPhone volume boost app that’s also available for the iPad and iPod was made to enhance audio experience along with a user-friendly interface. For a reasonable price, you can get SonicMax Pro on your iOS device.

Download SonicMax Pro: App Store

Still looking for the perfect volume booster for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod? You don’t have to be ashamed if your iOS device isn’t delivering the audio quality that you’re expecting. In fact, many mobile devices don’t provide the best sound quality. If you’re looking for the best volume boosting apps for your iOS device, trying out these volume boosting apps may just be the thing for you.

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