Top 5 Best Spy Camera Apps for Android Tablets and Smart Phones

By | May 11, 2013

If you’re looking to keep a hidden eye by taking pictures or recording videos, a secret camera is what you’ll need. Since small cameras are old-fashioned already, secret camera apps are now the trend.

If you want to monitor someone in secret, getting a secret camera app is handy as your device’s screen doesn’t even give away a clue. However, once something is recorded, it’s kept into your device’s storage. Here are just some of the best secret camera apps available for download on the Play Store.

Secret Camera

The Secret Camera app is straightforward in its name and function. This app allows you to take pictures by using the volume buttons even when the screen is black, considered as one of the strongest features of the Secret Camera app. It’s also equipped with an auto shot and multi-shot which let you use timers or take a sequence of images in one go. The Secret Camera app can also capture high quality images and videos, and has a built-in CCTV and security video function.


Download Secret Camera: Play Store

High Quality Silent Camera

While many secret camera apps have low quality images and videos, the High Quality Silent Camera proves to be unique. Especially built to capture high resolution images, this app can either vibrate whenever a photo is silently captured or make the screen go black whenever it’s capturing an image. While video capturing still isn’t in this app, it’s still one of the best secret camera apps available. Other features include sequential photo capturing, an easy access widget, and one-touch on the background for capturing images.

Download High Quality Silent Camera: Play Store

High Quality Silent Camera 2

An upgrade of the High Quality Silent Camera, this one has all the features of the original and more. It looks different and silent capturing of photos as a screen with a preview function is now present.


Download High Quality Secret Camera 2: Play Store

Super Spy Camera+

The Super Spy Camera+ features silent capturing of images and an auto-shot which allows you to take continuous shots in a sequence. You can even preview the images right after taking the shots.

Download Super Spy Camera+: Play Store

Mobile Hidden Camera

The Mobile Hidden Camera hides itself as a mere notepad so that no one would even suspect you’re capturing a photo or video. It has a silent operation, a quick quit function, and a private storage folder. While it has low quality image, it’s surprisingly rate d high in the Play Store among the many secret camera apps available for download.

Download Mobile Hidden Camera: Play Store

There are just some moments that getting a photo or audio is crucial. However, you can’t just take photos or record videos on just a whim. People will call out to you for breaching their confidentiality. Keeping a hidden eye is certainly difficult, especially if you want to capture an image or record audio in secret. Hopefully, these apps will help you if you want to have a way to record audio and take photos silently.

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