Tips on Controlling Netflix on your PS4 Using iPhone or iPad

By | June 7, 2015

Netflix is known to be the best way for you to legitimately stream the best movies, and it will be in HD. Take note that Netflix operates in a lot of  devices, but you need to pay up for its services.

If you have the PS4 and an Apple mobile device, we can teach you on how to use your device as a controller for your PS4 Netflix.


Lots of people are now favoring PS4 when it comes to their next generation consoles because of the best features that it has to offer, and it will really beat Xbox One without any doubt. PS4 has almost everything better than the other console such as a strong hardware design and quality, exclusive content that seems to be a lot, and with online subscriptions for more fun. It also has better graphics, and a whole lot more. This is truly amazing to consider, and will provide you Netflix as well if you love shows on the web.

Netflix is truly known to be the best there is for the sake of your entertainment needs, and you can finally get it on PS4 with your Apple mobile device. Netflix app for iPhone and iPad has a type of settings that looks like Chromecast, and lets you transfer various movies that you may love to watch on your PS4 via mobile device. Rest assured that you will be able to effectively stream all movies and shows that you love to watch, and is very convenient for various reasons.

This has very simple steps to do in order to get this working. All you need is to install Netflix on both your devices and PS4. Make sure that both devices are connected to one WiFi network for it to work. Start a show using your Netflix on your Apple device, along with the PS4 Netflix. On the iOS version, you will be able to see an icon with a screen and a WiFi like signal symbol on its bottom left, and this is located at the bottom right screen of your device. Use that button.

Once you do, your PS4 will start playing the show on your television. This is how you use your Netflix in a way where it’s like your DVD player – but with your mobile device as the remote. This also lets you conveniently use your Netflix for PS4 since the controller is not that advisable to use, and for you to still use your controller once you decided to play next.

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