The Difference Between iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus when it comes to Thickness

By | May 25, 2015

For sure you’re already aware about the technical features of the device such as the processor, the size of the screen and its resolution, and a whole lot more.

In this case, what we’re going to talk about will be the thickness of the phone. There are also some changes in the iPhone 6’s thickness, as well as the Plus’s thickness, and not just the price and features.


You will be able to notice that there really is a change in iPhone 6’s thickness if you compare it completely from the 5, but both are known to have a strong battery life. It might be a well known fact that thicket batteries have more loads of battery life, but the 6 and the 6 Plus doesn’t agree to that completely.

There are some reports from the September 9th event from the company. The reports say that there are some reductions on the latest gen’s thickness that’s truly noticeable on how useful the bigger iPhone models are now adays. This made the device a lot smaller due to the thinness of the device, but they are actually large compared to past models. This is a great feature to take note of, and it will make them more comfortable bringing it everywhere – much like an iPod Touch.

This is actually an interesting idea from Apple to do so that they will be able to provide a more secured type of phone that people can safely keep on their pockets in a more comfortable way. The 6 Plus is known to be the thinnest among all models, and this made the 6 thicker than the other. But still ,this never meant to be a small battery life, but is more about a better battery life than ever thanks to Apple’s advancements towards technology.

Apple also sees this as a concept on developing something that’s bigger and better in terms of looks and performance. It has a larger screen, a better processing unit that made it faster, it has a faster and clearer type of camera, known to have a better battery life, and is easier to bring around. Apple is thinking about the things to place one the phone for better generations.

For those who know the specs of most iPhone models well, then take note that going for this when you have a 4th gen phone will be a great thing to do because this will be a major change for your device. This will also make things better on your end because of the more comfortable feature that it has. Rest assured that there will be a better way to use an iPhone once you have the 6 or 6 Plus, and is a worthy upgrade to do right now.

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