The Answer To the iPhone 6 Yellow Screen Mystery

By | May 28, 2015

If you anxiously awaited your pre-ordered iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, only to find that after booting up you were greeted by a screen that with a yellow tint, don’t panic. We have solved the mystery for you. Apple hasn’t lost its touch and there is no need to send your phone back to its maker.


iPhone screens with a yellow tint is not a mystery. Every year there are reports of this problem. The answer lies in the adhesive material Apple uses for the touch screen digitizer. The adhesive may take a little time to dry out thoroughly and in the meantime, it will cause the screen to look a bit yellow. While it is a frustrating phenomenon, it is only temporary and that yellow tint on your screen should fade within a few days as the adhesive dries. If however, it has been a few days and your screen is still maintaining that yellow tint, then by all means head to your Apple Store Apple Store and get it replaced. If the new phone has the same yellow tint, then like the first phone, give it a few days to fade, as a little time will normally fix the issue. There is discussion on Reddit’s Apple Forum about this very issue.

Dead pixels on the other hand, where the pixels don’t change to display the proper color, or other issues unrelated to the yellow tint are reasons to return your iPhone immediately.

Although we would like to think huge companies, even companies with the highest quality standards, can get the manufacturing of millions of new hardware and software products done flawlessly, the fact is there are frequently hardware unforeseen issues and software bugs in that first batches. That’s why as tempting as it may be to be the first one on the block with that awesome new latest high tech tool or toy, we recommend waiting. Let the dust settle a bit on the new product. Let the manufactures fix the hardware issues and debug that nifty new software. You’ll save yourself time, possibly money and definitely frustration.

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