Root Explorer APK 4.0.2 – Download Latest Version for Android

By | April 27, 2017


Root Explorer APK

For Rooted Android devices, Root Explorer APK is consider to be the one of  best and finest file managers available in the market. We often see people struggling to manage their files, app and games in their rooted android device, so the one stop solution for all your problems is to Download and Install Root Explorer APK through which you can easily control and manage your games, files, apps etc on your Rooted Android device. The latest version which is available to download Root Explorer APK is 4.0.2.

Many people ask this question that is there any other file manager available to download instead of Root Explorer ? The answer is Yes ! there are many file managing apps available to download for rooted android device like 360 Root APK, but the simplicity and user experience of Root Explorer is the best among all. This is not our opinion but all millions of Android users who are using Root Explorer on their rooted android Device. The best thing about this app is that you will get updates every month with new features and bug fixes. So get ready to install Root Explore APk on your Android smartphone.

But before you go ahead and download Root Explorer, you must know its important and unique features so that you can use this application effectively without any issue and utilize its full potential. In Rooted Android smartphone, people might get confused in trying new things and it might risk or brick your device. So in order to use it safely you must know the features of Root Explorer app before you install it on your android device.

Features of Root Explorer 4.0.2 APK

When you start comparing Root Explorer APK with other application that are available in Google Play Store then you will get to know that no app will stand in front of Root Explorer in terms of Performance and its efficient features. So here we will give you a list of prominent features which are available in Root Explorer App.

1 ) Menu Bar of this app is very simple and user friendly. This includes sub menus like search button, bookmarks, new folder, preferences, about and EXIT app. The overall design and feel of this app is quite amazing and new android users can also use it very easily.

2 ) Root Explorer also comes with tab options which includes the functionality of Google Drive, Dropbox, Text Editor, zip files create and extraction etc. so that you can open them in different tab just like our web browsers.

3 ) With this app you can get access to all  hidden files and folders which are kept secret in your Android device for security purpose. For example: purchase policies , app download details, game download details etc.

4 ) Apart from that this app also supports SQLite Database viewer and this feature is hardly present in any other app available on Google Play Store.

5 ) Sharing files through Bluetooth and email is very convenient through Root Explorer app, as it provides the option to selection all files at once. The same works when you try to remount files.

6 ) The latest and new version of Root Explorer 4.0.2 APK now supports PHH Superuser and Magisk v6 which is also an additional feature to increase its efficiency.

7 ) The newly updated version of Root Explorer is now fully supported on Android 7.0 Nougat and you can easily install it on device running on android version 7.0.


Minimum Requirements to Download Root Explorer APK

1 ) In order to install Root Explorer app, your device must be running on android OS version from 2.2 to the latest 7.0 Nougat. If your device is running between these version, then you can easily install the app.

2 ) Before downloading Root Explorer, make sure that your device must contain minimum free storage of 10-50 MB in the internal storage. 

3 ) While installing the Root Explorer app on Rooted android device, keep your device on charging as it might drain your battery and brick your device if your device turn off during installation process.

These are some of the point that you must follow before downloading Root Explorer app on your android device. Now let’s have a loo on quick guide to download and install Root Explorer APK on device running on Android OS.



Root Explorer APK Download

In order to download the APK file of Root Explorer on your android smartphone or tablet, you need to follow the below given steps :

1 ) First of all you need to change some setting in your Android device before downloading Root Explorer APK file.

2 ) Now, navigate to the device settings from notification area, then go to the securities and you will see an option of “Unknown Resources”, enable this option by tap on the checkbox. This step is important because you cannot install third party apps on your android device because Google restricts those application which are not available in Play Store and to run those applications you have enable the “Unknown Resources” option.

3 ) Next step is to turn on the internet connection and Download Root Explorer APK form here.

4 ) Wait until the download process completes. In order to install the APK, go the Fil manager and Tap on the APK file to start the installation process.

5 ) Once the installation of Root Explorer complete. Open the app and now you can easily manages all your apps, files, games etc without any confusion.

Until now you only came to know about the features and Download guide of Root Explorer but there is something special about this app that we are going to show you, which will definitely surprise you ! Just Read the article below and you will understand what we are trying to say !



 1 ) Start the Root Explorer app and Open the Data folder. In this folder you will see an second data Folder, tap on it to open.

2 ) Now. find that game in the folder which you want to hack and Select that game by long press on it, then move towards shared_prefs. 

3 ) Navigate to the XML file of the game which is for example : temple-run.XML 

4 ) Now look carefully the source code present in the XML file, you may find codes such as <int name=”coins” value =”120″ />. Now replace that 120 number with any number, say 99988384 and tap on the Save button.

5 ) On saving the code, restart the game and you will now see that you have already got 99988384 coins in your temple run game.

This is all information regarding Root Explorer APK in which we explain you its detailed features and Step by Step guide on how to install the Root Explorer APK file. Along with that we also tells you the hidden feature of Hacking a game from this app, through which you can increase gold coins in a particular game.

If you have any doubts or facing any issues related to this topic, just comment your question in the comment box given below !

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