ProTube Optimized YouTube Usage via iPad and iPhone

By | May 21, 2015

ProTube is known to be a third party type of application that lets you get an optimized YouTube appearance for those who use iPhone and iPad. This is known to be a  better type of YouTube app that you will enjoy, and has beaten the official app as well.


The official YouTube app for Apple devices is not actually the best for your needs in viewing videos over the web. Despite of the fact that it contains a lot of the best features for video viewing, there is a limit for its functionality for the user’s end. That’s why there are better apps out there that serves better features than the official YouTube app.

This has made some people unhappy with some features that the official app has. But this has never been a problem for YouTube since they admit that their developers rush up for the best experience in their own right. A lot of people are known to be using third party apps for these purposes already, and there are lots that you can try out if you want something that’s more comfortable to use. That’s why we make sure that we will be able to get the best app that you can use for video viewing, and that is ProTube for iPad and iPhone.

ProTube is known to have a whole lot of features that you will surely like; the developers made sure that the preferences of the people will be placed on the app for the sake of convenient video browsing. First, the app has a video playback that comes in various qualities ranging from 144 to 1080p. It also lets you choose qualities while watching.

The most convenient tool that this has is that it’s capable of blocking pop ups and ads that we might hate to check out. It also lets you share your viewed videos, playlists, and subscriptions with a search engine that’s as powerful as YouTube. This app will never require you to log in as you can fix playlists and a whole lot more in this app.

The custom features that this app has is what made it ProTube indeed. This allows you to watch videos that are not available for mobile versions, and even for other reasons. It also has a background playback feature for your videos to keep playing even when you’re doing something – even when the screen is locked.

This also lets you minimize the playback video for you to watch continuously while you browse for more in ProTube. If you love cooler features, you can also use audio playback for you to have an audio only moment. This is perfect for playing music, and will optimize your audio to 256 kbps. You can even make a music playlist as well.

As said, you will never have to sign in on YouTube anymore. You can make playlists in this app, and it’s already connected to your social networking apps for you to share it right away with your friends. There are also some playback speed adjustments that you can use to view fast or slow videos. You can also use the app using Apple TV or any other program for TV purposes. For playlist usage, shuffle and repeat is included. Sadly, the past versions allows you to download the videos, but it was YouTube that didn’t agree with it. Lastly, this program is also known to have a good looking GUI!

So if you want to get this app, be sure to go to iTunes if you have iOS7 and above versions. Take note that the audio playback mode is for iOS 8 users only. This works well on iPad, iPhone and iPad touch. The product costs $2.99 on the store. This is worthy to try out indeed, and all you need to do is to share it with your friends for them to see what the better YouTube app will be.

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