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Privacy of your personal information is one of the top priorities of the Android IOS Guide. We will ensure to keep your personal information private, safe, and secure against those who may use it for malicious purposes. This is in accordance to the national laws and regulations on the confidentiality of the personal information of those who visit this site. Proper measures are taken to ensure that the personal details of all of our users on this site will be kept safe and private to promote the best user experience. Rest assured that you personal information is kept safe and secure by the Android IOS Guide.

By submitting your personal details through this site, you place your agreement to this Privacy Policy and you give your consent in the process of your personal information which is in accordance to this Privacy Policy. Android IOS Guide will never use your personal information without consent and will do everything in its power to exercise privacy and confidentiality against those who may use this information for their personal gain or malicious intent, as stated by this Privacy Policy.

Android IOS Guide respects the privacy of all of its users and this Privacy Policy is intended to provide information on the different policies and practices when it comes to obtaining, using, and disclosing information that you have submitted through this website, may it be personal or anonymous.

If you have any questions, suggestions or complaints regarding the Privacy Policy of this site, please contact us at and email us the specifics of your concerns.

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