Pokémon GO Server Down – Crashes, Error Issues [Fixed]

By | May 3, 2017


Pokemon Go Down?

From the date of the launch of Pokemon Go on Android and iOS devices, it is continuously breaking all records and becomes instant hit. Pokemon Fans around the world were eagerly waiting for this game as the company launch its new version nearly after 18-20 years. Pokemon lovers gave equal shares by making it on the toppers chart on both major app stores of Google and Apple.

 The last Sunday was the dark day in the history of Pokemon Go and its makers because of the security breach in their previous venture. All servers of Pokemon Go were down ! We will share the whole story behind this incident with you people. keep reading this article till the end.

Pokémon GO Server Down

Since the release of Pokemon Go, its running successfully in all market without any issues but this is sustain for long time as the hacking group named ‘OurMine’ performed a Distributed Denial of service (DDoS) attack on Niantic’s server. Unlike the other day on 17th of July the Pokemon Go lovers were all set to begin their adventure but due to this hacking attack they were not able to get online and that’s why the game begin to crash. People were start complaining about the issue regarding coming back online which took the attention of Pokemon Go developers and its makers.

The credit of hacking and security breach attack on Pokemon Go  is claimed by “OurMine” and covered this all event by quoting that they are willing to help the Pokemon Go makers and its community to make the Game more secure and stable so that it won’t be attacked in near future. For it solution, the hacking Group wrote on their website that No one will able to play Pokemon Go game till the company contact us on our website so that they will teach them on how to protect it !


Pokemon Server Issues

To make loads of money this hacking group often doing security breach or we call as security assignment by attacking into the networks of big corporate companies to find how safe they are. In order to find out the serve down issue in your area use DownDetector.

As the Pokemon Go makes spread up the game all across the world, player might expect some downtime and other issues as the load on the server is continuously rising and that’s why Pokemon GO developers and community team are already in very much stress to sort out these issues in order to provide fluent gaming to all its users.



The officials of Pokemon GO tweeted ‘The issues due to which server problems are creating have been identified. Trainers (users) shall now again be able to search for Pokémon in the real world.’ So the issue was solved but they didn’t mentioned it as a DDoS.

Now nobody know what comes next in the future, whether OurMine hacking group will try again to attack the security networks of Pokemon Go ? or they stands on their ground without creating more problems for Niantic ? For more updates Stay Tuned to our website! We will update you first with latest news on Pokemon Go server status and other crashing issues.


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