Pokemon Go for PC Download

By | March 18, 2017

Pokemon GO for PC

Pokemon GO 0.57.2 is now fully compatible and functional with latest version of Bluestacks Emulator. The latest update of Bluestacks app player enables android and iOS users to play Pokemon Go on their personal computers.

If we talk about other Android Emulators available in market then still their is no compatibility with the above version of Pokemon GO. But Bluestacks has finally got the solution of this problem and published the latest software patch, so that user can play Pokemon Go on big screen via PC. Now those users who has already using Bluestacks, need to uninstall that older version and download the new and updated version in order to play Pokemon Go.

It is now possible to download and install the Pokemon GO on your PC via Android Emulator and in order to install the Pokemon GO PC game either on your Desktop or laptop then first thing you need is to uninstall the older version of Nox App Player and in place of that you have to install the LeapDroid Emulator. The reason behind to remove the this Android Emulator from your computer is that Nox App Player is no longer compatible or supported with the latest version of Pokemon Go. If any user wants to play Pokemon Go 0.57.2 version on the PC, then you must download the LeapDroid gaming Emulator. To get more better gaming experience of Pokemon Go, you can use the Pokemesh 9.3.2 APK on your device running on Android OS.



In order to play Pokemon GO APK on Nox App Player without any issue, you need to install the latest Nox App Player 3.8.0 version on your personal computer. You can download this version by Click on the above link. 

Most of us watched the Pokemon Cartoon in our Childhood way back in 1990’s and we must know their character are very close to our heart and if you want to enjoy the Pokemon Universe on your PC or Mobile devices, then you should download the Pokemon GO PC game. Many people are already addicted to this game whether they are an android or iOS user. This game is currently on top of all the games in both Google and Apple app store. If you want this game on your PC, then install any Android Emulator on your computer and Start playing Pokemon GO by downloading its APK file.

Many Android Emulator available on the internet which are now providing the facility to download and install the android apps and games either on your Windows PC or Mac based OS. But among all these Emulators, Nox App Player Emulator is the best in all segments. This is the best alternative/ substitute to Bluestacks Emulator but when we compare it with LeapDroid Emulator then its not that great. As we can install the latest version of Pokemon GO on LeapDroid Emulator but not on Nox App Player. Don’t get us wrong !! the Nox App player is very popular and effective Android Emulator in recent past due to its simplicity and great user interface. Now let’s move further and talk about the Pokemon Go game-play and its features.


Gameplay of Pokemon Go PC Game

Pokemon Go has already gets popular among people through its unique gameplay and its download reached into billion just within a week both on Android and iOS platforms. According to many experts, the real time users available on Pokemon Go game are now more than that of Twitter in past few days. This only implies the craziness of Pokemon GO PC game among people and hardcore gamer. The game-play of Pokemon GO requires internet connection as it continuously needed the GPS map, other than that its a very easy game. All you need is now to Download Pokemon Go game directly on your device through Google Play store and launch it from the app tray and start catching your favorite Pokemon characters.


Pokemon Go Characters

If you are a die hard fan of Pokemon cartoon series then you must remember this pokemonsuch as Pikachu Charmeleon, Bulbasaur, Charlizard and many more ? If Yes, then you will surely get addicted to this ultimate adventurous game ! In this game, you can catch your favorite Pokemon characters near by you as well as show your Pokemon skill by battling with your friends. The more you battle and win the matches, the more you will get different Pokemon GO Characters.

To run the Pokemon Go game perfectly on the Nox App player emulator you need to do some modification in its settings. After which you can play Pokemon Go with out any difficulties on Nox App player. Now let’s have allok on the detailed procedure to download the Pokemon Go for your Windows/Mac PC.


Download Pokemon PC Game for Windows 7/8/10

Many people don’t know the fact that Pokemon Go is available to only selected countries and because of that many users can’t enjoy this gaming adventure. To solve this problem you need to change the Default Geolocation setting to USA in Nox App Player Emulator. If USA country is not available then try other country for which Pokemon Go is officially released. Now we will show the step b step guide on how to download Pokemon GO on PC.

Step 1 : Click here to download the PC file of Pokemon Go application. Before downloading, please check whether you have the latest version 3.8.0 of Nox App Player is installed or not. If you have already installed the latest version then you can directly download the APK file from the above link, transfer it to the emulator and now you are all set to play Pokemon Go on  your personal computer.

Step 2 : Once you installed the game application, launch the app from home screen and change the default geo-location, otherwise it will restrict you to play Pokemon GO on your emulator. Change the default country to USA or any other countries for which this game has officially released.

Step 3 : After modifying the above given setting, close the app and restart again. Now you are all good to get into action of Pokemon Go.

Step 4 : Now as you change the default location, you will now able to catch the Pokemon Go characters near by you.  With the help of GPS and internet connection the map will give you the location of Pokemon. After that start catching all the Pokemon and collect it in your Pokedex !

step 5 : This game is all about walking around your streets and road of your city or town and catch the best Pokemon to built a powerful team.Unlike other games, this game gives also a kind of physical movement to your body as you need to walk and run to get the Pokemon.

As now you know all the basic stuff on how to download and plat the Pokemon Go. Now let’s talk about the minimum system requirements that you must have in order to run this game smoothly !



Minimum System Requirements to Install and Play Pokemon GO on PC

The Pokemon Go is highly Graphical intense game along with that it uses the GPS tracker to track user location for finding the Pokemon Characters and that’s why this game requires a lot of RAM and speed so that it will run perfectly on your computer whether its based on Windows or Mac. Apart from that your system must have Nox App Player to run it.

  1. Minimum 2 GB of RAM required in Windows 7/8/10 based Laptop or Computer.
  2. The processor speed of your system must be above 2.2 GHz and try to go for Intel core series for better performance such as i3, i5, i7.
  3. Storage capacity of your system must be minimum of 2 GB, as the game contain lots of file to store in the disk space of your computer system.
  4. And the most important factor that affects the gaming performance is the Graphic card installation. Your system must having at least  1 GB of Graphic Card. To get more smooth performance try to install the graphic card 2 GB size. Nvidia is the best known manufacturer for the graphic card.

Try to get all the above minimum requirements to play Pokemon GO on your PC via  Nox App Player Android Emulator. 

Nox App Player Pokemon GO


Important Points to take care of While Playing Pokemon GO on Nox App Player

  • The game that we mentioned in above article is only a trail version of the Original Pokemon Go and Nox App player may not be able to run this game all the time. The working of game is also depend on location that you have set in the Geo-location setting.
  • While playing Pokemon GO, don’t move too long as it might be consider as abnormal movement and you might get ban notice from the developers of Pokemon Go. 
  • If you don’t get any banned notice and even then the Pokemon runs away from you when you are going near to them, then it might be a temporary ban. Don’t worry it will be only for few hours.
  • You have to wait for the official launch of Pokemon Go app, as it is trial version, only few countries are eligible for downloading the Pokemon Go officially from the Play store. The above important points  that we discussed are taken from the official Twitter handle of Nox App Player. Share this points with your friends, so that they will be aware of this application.


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