Pokemon Go 0.63.4 APK Download for Android Devices!

By | June 29, 2017

Pokemon Go APK 0.63.4

The latest version of Pokemon GO APK 0.63.4 has been released for Android devices on 7th June 2017. The update can be downloaded from its official website or from Google Play Store. This update contains many new features and tweaks which helps in enhancing the overall gaming experience of Pokemon Go.

The developers of Pokemon Go are trying continuously to make this app flawless in all aspects. You can download Pokemon Go APK 0.63.4 for Android devices and Pokemon Go 1.33.4 APK for iOS devices from the links given in the end of this post.

In this post we are providing you the Download link for the Latest version of Pokemon Go APK, so that you can experience the all new Pokemon universe by installing Latest version of Pokemon Mod game. Earlier we have provided you the tutorial guide on how you can Play Pokemon Go PC game by using Nox App player Android Emulator. Now let’s see what are the new features that we will get after updating the Pokemon Go to the Latest version.


Pokemon Go APK 0.63.4 Newly Added Features!

As you know, In previous articles we had already listed the the features that you can get with older version of Pokemon Go, here in this post we are providing you the best features that you will get in Latest version of Pokemon GO game. In order to improve gaming experience of Pokemon Go, we recommended you to download Pokemesh 10.0 real time map.

The version 0.63.4 of Pokemon GO APK is only available for the Android users You can also read the updates feature list in the Nox Pokemon Go update content or from the download section of Pokemon Go APK.

1 ) The game is now supported the Brazilian & Portuguese language.

2 ) You can now see the progress toward the next medal tier by tapping on a Medal.

3 ) The Pokemon Finder menu is totally changed and this is the first change that you will notice after updating the Pokemon Go with latest version. The menu is now labeled as Sightings instead of Nearby Pokemon.

4 ) Pokemon Go 0.63.4 APK update will now having 80 new Monsters and this fetaure you will get on iOS devices with 1.33.4 update in the form Pokemon Go Gen 2 update.

5 ) The latest version of Pokemon Go app has fixed the bugs that prevented Great, Excellent and Nice Poke ball throws to get XP bonuses.

6 ) With ht latest update, the battery issue is fixed for both Android and iOS users. The battery draining issue is now resolved with Pokemon Go 0.63.4 update.

7 ) Players and trainers can now change the nickname without any issue. In previous version , the facility to change the nickname was not possible, but thanks to the latest APK update of Pokemon Go.

8 ) The developers of Pokemon Go have added a separate dialogue to remind the trainers that they should not play the game after a certain speed while traveling.

The Latest updates provides many bug fixes and error issue and you will get to know about all this when you start playing the Latest version of Pokemon Go game on your Android device. Now let’s have a look on the features that you will get on Latest version of Pokemon Go on iOS devices.



Pokemon Go iOS 1.33.4 Update

If you play Pokemon Go on Android or iOS device, then their is no major difference in the features which comes with Latest version of Pokemon Go app. But if we talk about overall gameplay performance and reliability then it is way better on iOS device. The gameplay of Pokemon Go on iOS is much smoother when compare i to the Android device. This may be our assumption as the device performance depends on various factors. Not talking more about the comparison, let’s see what’s new in Pokemon Go 1.33.4 iOS version of the game!

1 ) This update brings more stability improvements and bug fixes to the Pokemon Go iOS app.

2) The Pokemon Go on iOS devices is now running more smoothly and therefore you can find Pokemon’s very smoothly without any kind of lag.

3 ) Pokemon Go game is not compatible with 5th generation iPod touch, iPhone 4s or earlier iPhone devices. It will work only on devices running on iOS 8, iOS 9 or iOS 10 installed in them.

4 ) Devices which doesn’t have any GPS capabilities can not work with Pokemon Go game. If your device have GPS technology then make sure that you turn on the GP while playing Pokemon Go on iOS devices.


Pokemon Go APK 0.63.4 Download for Android

In order to download the latest version of Pokemon Go on Android devices, you need to follow some important steps which you can find Download section of Pokemon GO. We are providing you the direct link for downloading the Pokemon Go APK 0.63.4 version.



Pokemon Go APK 0.63.4 with Pokemon Go Gen 2 Update

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