Pokemon Duel Download for Android & iOS Devices!

By | June 16, 2017

Pokemon Duel Download

As you all know the Pokemon Go has already becomes a successful mobile game of all time and sets various records on both iOS and Android platforms. Now, following its footsteps the Pokemon Duel, a battle game has been launched for both Android and iOS devices and hardcore gamers are going to love this next edition of Pokemon game.

In this article we will explain you the important things regarding Pokemon Duel game such as its features, gameplay and a proper guide on how to download this game on Android and iOS platforms. Not only this we are also going to discuss about how you can battle with your friends and online! So, let’s prepare yourself to play the thrilling game on your iOS (iPhone/iPad) or any Android devices.

Pokemon Duel Download APK


What is Pokemon Duel?

Pokemon Duel is a battle based game in which multiple players are required to battle their Pokemon’s to achieve their goals and complete the levels. Pokemon Go on the other hand is all about collecting the Pokemon and upgrade them. In other way we can say that Pokemon Duel game starts from where the Pokemon Go ends!

Pokemon Duel is already becomes a huge hit in the market and also loved by people who has already played Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is going to make gamers even crazy because of its battling features and many more! The Pokemon Duel game were released on 27th January 2017 for both Android and iOS operating system. You can download the latest update (Pokemon Duel 3.0.1) which comes with many bug fixes!


Features of Pokemon Duel Android & iOS Game

Pokemon Duel is very different battling game when we compare it to other battle games available on Google Play Store and iOS apps store. Let’s have a look on the some of the exciting features packed with Pokémon Duel  Android & iOS game.


1. Player can pick 6 Pokemon characters without any restriction to get into the battle right away!

2. With collecting more Pokemon’s in your account, you can build  a strong team for tough battles.

3. From the training center you can purchase many items to make thing easier and for this you have pay real money This feature helps to speed up your progress in the game.

4. The game provides both Online and Offline mode of playing. The offline mode consist of 2 players and you can able to play with multiple players in online mode which makes it the best feature of the Pokemon Dual game.

5. Once you achieve your goals , you will be rewarded with many gems, medals & Pokemon figures!


Pokemon Duel Battle fetaures


GamePlay of Pokemon Duel Game!

The Gameplay of Pokemon Duel includes lots of battles which are very easy to learn and understand. All players need to choose their Pokemon’s for the battle against their enemies and try to win the match. The opponent will try the same! After which next fight will start and it goes on continuously. Player will get gems and medals with each win and with the help of this you can upgrade Pokemon.

You have to make best strategy while entering into the battle ring and also make sure your moves/attacks are well planned so that you can defeat your rival. Once you move forward in the game by defeating your opponents,  the Pokemon’s and your ability will become stronger and powerful. The player battle techniques also improvise with every match and then you able to battle online with a team having similar powers. 


Pokemon Duel Online


Due to addition of Online Multiplayer feature, this game becomes more interesting because in each battle you will get new opponents while on the other hand the Offline Mode provides repetitive rivals which sounds boring for many users. But wow with Pokemon Duel Online Gaming, nothing is predictable as the moves and attacks will not repeat and you can’t predict what result will come out of the battle. Apart from Android and iOS devices, now you can also play Pokemon Duel game on your Windows and Mac PC. The game tactics is also applicable for the Pokemon Duel PC game. 


Pokémon Duel Android Download

The process to download Pokemon Duel game on Android Devices is pretty simple and doesn’t take much time. So now without any delay, here we are providing the detailed guide on how to download and install the Pokemon Due on Android smartphone or tablet for free !

1 ) The first and important thing you need is the fast internet connectivity through which you can download the game from the internet.

2 ) Now, open the Google Play Store app in your device by tapping on its icon available in app tray.

3 ) Navigate to its search bar and type “Pokémon Duel” then hit Enter.

4 ) As you hit enter, many suggestion and results display and from these you have to select the official one. Click on the install button of official Pokemon Duel app and agree all terms and conditions when ask.

5 ) Wait Patiently till the downloading of game file on your Android device completes.

6 ) Once the game installed on your device, Open it from the app tray and start you journey by defeating your rivals in Pokemon battle.



Download Pokemon Duel iOS (iPhone & iPad)

The overall procedure to download the Pokemon Duel game on iOS device is very similar to that of Android. Follow the step by step instructions given below in order to install this game on  iPhone or iPad.

1. Open the safari browser in your device (iPhone/iPad) and Visit the iTune store.

2. Search for Pokemon Duel game in the store.

3. Download the game and start playing it with your opponents instantly!


This is all information regarding downloading and installation of Pokemon Duel on Android & iOS platform. If you want to download the APK file of this game from the third party resources then in order to install it on Android device, you have to enable the Unknown Resources option available in settings menu.

The most important thing you must kept in mind that always download the mobile applications from trusted source like Google Play Store, iTunes Store, App Store because installing APK’s from unofficial sites might damage your phone as it may contains malware or virus.


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