Pixel Picker: Color Picking From iOS Made Easy

By | June 6, 2015

Pixel Picker is a great color picker app is a must have for any UI designer. This tiny but extremely useful app is bargain priced – free – and if an app supports iOS 8 Share Sheet menu then Pixel Picker will work from it.


Developers, software designers and graphic designers usually describe color in terms of RGB, CMK or HEX values, which are numerical values that represent a specific shade of color, and therefore, allows you to talk more precisely about the color you want rendered and to control how the color will present itself, no matter how it looks on your computer screen or your client’s. Using the app ensures that the colors you use on your website won’t look vastly different on your printed matter, like business cards and brochures.

The other color picker apps all require additional steps, including opening and launching the app, loading up your image, and then panning and zooming to select the specific pixel you want in order to get the exact RGB and HEX value you need.

With Pixel Picker, you can work more seamlessly. The app takes advantage of iOS 8’s action extensions, allowing you to call up the iOS share sheet menu from the stock Photos app on your image, and you can do this from any Photo album. You simply select Pixel Picker by using a shortcut key or by right clicking and you can see the corresponding RGB or HEX value.

While there is roughly the same number of steps involved, you’ll find it a whole lot easier and faster to work with, because the app will work with any of the many apps supporting iOS 8’s Share Sheet for images. Unlike other apps, you can call up Pixel Picker from anywhere in the operating system. The only minor downside is that the app does come with ads, which you will only see in the app itself, and did we mention that great price, as in F-R-E-E? If you find that you love the app, but the ads bug you, then you can upgrade and get the ad-free version for $0.99.

This first version of Pixel Picker has a couple of limitations that are absolutely not deal breakers. It doesn’t allow you to just copy color values or save them in a color palette so that you can share it with partners or clients via messaging or email. But, since this is the first version of the app, it is very likely that these minor inconveniences will be addressed and the features will be expanded in future versions of the app. The developer is already off to a great start. To get started, just download it from Pixel Picker from the App Store.

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