PES 2017 APK Download : Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 for Android

By | March 24, 2017

PES 2017 APK

PES 2017 APK file+OBB Data : Hey Guys ! In this article we will talk about one of the ultimate soccer game APK  which is  made for Android devices and will surely hype the football freaks. The games is called PES and its full form is Pro Evolution Soccer.  Recently PES has released the Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 game APK for android smartphone users.

You can download and install the Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 (PES) Game on any your device running on Android operating system. This games is totally fantastic and consider one of the best soccer game but it is not available on Google Play Store, because this game is officially released only for gaming consoles like PlayStation and XBox.

Android smartphone users are already very much hyped for this game, but due to its non-availability for android some developers have find its solution and now you can install this game on your device by downloading some important files and data through internet. The procedure is very simple and  all you need is to download and install the APK file of Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 on your device. That’s it and then you can enjoy the ultimate soccer universe on your Android Smartphones or tablets. Those who wants to install and play this game on PC systems like Windows or Mac, then you have to install the Xbox 360 Emulator of PC.



Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

Before we move further on how to download and install PES 2017 games, first discuss the gameplay and features of Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 because this game is not available officially in Google Play Store. As you already know the PES games released every year with more new features and improvements and this time also the game has became the most popular soccer game according to the survey conducted by both gaming platforms companies like Xbox and PlayStation. 

Try TuTuApp.VIP APK for downloading the paid app for free on your android devices. Other Similar APKs are also available for download paid apps for free such as AppVn Store. Now let’s see the list of some of the exciting features of PES 2017 !


Features of PES 2017 APK 

The first thing that all people like about PES 2017 is the heavily intense graphic performance through which the players movements in the game and other activities like celebrations after goals makes it very buttery smooth and astonishing ! Those never played soccer game, will also going to love it when you learn it by the tutorial guide and Expert player has already the advantage to improve the skills on Pro Evolution Soccer. Now the following are the some of the feature included in PES 2017 :

1 ) This game provides you to play as a Manager of a team or as a football player, which makes this game more real.

2 ) You can also do the auctions of players around the world through selling and buying in the Auction menu.

3 ) The graphic of this is so good as the players is appearing to be real and this makes the gamer to experience the real soccer universe.

4 ) PES 2017 APK game consists of several modes such as leagues mode, World league mode, season mode, training mode, one on one match mode and many more. You can try out this modes by playing yourself.

5 ) Offline gaming with multiplayer functionality is also included in this year Pro evolution soccer 2017 game.

6 ) The game provides you the capability to modify football stadium such as increasing the seating capacity so that you can increase the revenue of your football club and make huge profit.

7 ) You will also get an option to choose various Jersey for your team players, all you need is to install PES 2017 APK game on your android device.

8 ) Unlike other soccer game, this game also includes the Women’s Football teams and this feature will attract more female gamers to play PES 2017.

9 ) The transferring of players from one team to another can be possible till the end of year 2017.

10 ) The touch controller capability of PES 2017 game on Android device is much better than playing this game on other platforms or operating systems.

So, this is the complete list of PES 2017 features that you must know before downloading and installing the game on your android smartphones. Before going ahead, you must keep one thing in mind that you can only install this game on your Rooted Android Device.

Yes ! you have heard right, PES 2017 APK requires Rooted smartphone and that’s you mus have the applications like 360 Root or Root Explorer APK to solve this issue. Now let’s see the exact procedure of downloading the APK file of PES 2017 game for Android.




Download PES 2017 APK for Android

As we already told you that PES 2017 game is not officially available for Android Smartphone users and who wants this game badly on their Android device have to download the OBB Data + APK file pf Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. With all these required files you will able to install this game on your devices running on Android. In order to hack and unlock all the levels of PES 2017 game, you have to install the SB Game Hacker APK.

Installing of APK file alone is not sufficient to run the PES 2017 game on Android device, you have to place the Data file along with APK in the required folder of your file explorer. See the below steps to install the game perfectly :

Step 1 : Click Here to download the Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 APK.

Step 2 : After download is complete, keep one thing is mind that you don’t have to install the APK file before completing the next step given below.

Step 3 : The OBB file that you have downloaded in your Android device is in zip format, So Extract the folder of OBB Data.

Step 4 : Once the extracting of files is complete, install the APK file of PES 2017 and start playing with the ultimate soccer universe.

This are the important Steps that you must be consider while installing the PES 2017 APK on Android device. The game will only works for those devices which are already Rooted. If you face any problems while installing this game, in such case remove the SD card from your smartphone and mount it again, then reinstall the APK file. This will surely resolve your issue.



How to Play Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 on Android Mobile

As you have already played other soccer games on your PC or on android devices, the you have some idea how to play this game by using touch controls on the mobile screen. Before that all you need is to install PES 2017APK data which you have downloaded previously and then place the OBB data in the root folder of your device.

On completion of above step, you will now able to play the PES 2017 game on the Android device and as you all know this game is not available in Android play store, you have to follow all the procedure given above in order to play PES 2017. If the game shows error like PES 2017 has Expired or Expired Code 20, it implies the OBB data that you have downloaded on your device is of older version. Try to find and download the latest OBB data file from the internet to run this game properly.


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