Pandora Essentials Lets you Get Unlimited Skipping along with the Best Audio

By | June 7, 2015

There are some people who love Pandora thanks to the fact that it provides the perfect way to stream some music, and has a great quality for you to use as well.

However, this is hated by others due to the fact that it has a lot of ads, and so as limited song skipping. The Pandora Essentials is known to be good for removing these limited skipping and ad restrictions. This is a free app that we will provide to you.


Most people who want to listen to music really love Pandora than Spotify thanks to the features that it has. There is better search feature, some improved audio quality, and a good interface. Rest assured that finding music with Pandora will never be hard after all.

There are limits when it comes to this free app because it will never allow you to repeat some of your favorite songs, gives you limited skips per day, ads, and so as a ton of music that you will never be able to control even if you hate it. If you want to learn how to remove some ads and get unlimited skips right away, then check this out. But if you want to stick with us, then let’s begin using Pandora Essentails

This is known to be a jailbreak tweak for iOS that gives you unlimited song skipping, playback for music with repeat command for your favorite songs, constant audio buffering for smoother flow of entertainment. It also comes with a powerful audio quality of 192kbps, and guarantees you no delays if you switch between sings. Lastly, there will be no stopping when it comes to song playing even after the device is idle.

There are amazing features when it comes to Pandora Essentials. However, ad blocking is not implemented in this app. Pandora Essentials is truly known to be a tool that’s indeed meant for jailbroken phones, and expect that these are master commands. However, you should take note that there are strict deals from Pandora that involves copyright. So be sure to remember that anything that you do with this, it will affect the Pandora app itself.

The Pandora Essentials can be grabbed via BigBoss repo in Cydia. This means that you need to jailbreak your phone for you to get this one. This is known to be a good type of app that has its own settings for you to adjust as well.

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