Nuntius is a Tweak that will Surely Give Quick Replies for What’s App!

By | June 7, 2015

The developers of WhatsApp is known to be really sluggish when it comes to providing new features for mobile apps. Take note that a lot have been waiting for a brand new way to do a quick reply on their notifications so that things will be a lot easier; same as what Messages can provide to iOS 8 nowadays.

Since we’re talking about iOS 8, we’re going to provide you a very useful tweak for WhatsApp that will really provide you the quick reply feature that you always needed.


Much like how Apples makes sure that new brands come out with a more powerful version of the same upgrade, they have decided to add it up on their iOS updates as well. At first, iOS 5 has released tons of new features such as the very helpful Notification Center, iMessage, syncing with iTunes via WiFi connection, and even the Camera + Photos app. iOS6 has some upgrades on those new features, while iOS 7 came out with Control Center, AirDrop, additional fixes, and of course additional multitasking capabilities. iOS8 polished all of those, and has widgets, new keyboards, and other developer tools for you to enjoy.

One of the most noticeable features that iOS8 has added up was adding up contextual options for notifications. Facebook Messenger became an easier app to use because you can reply or just mute the conversation by checking out your notification center. Sadly, there is no feature for WhatsApp when it comes to this matter.

iOS has a setting that will never allow developers to just go ahead and add up some quick reply commands for certain apps, and this is only available for iOS8 messages only. But you can successfully add one on your WhatsApp as long as you know how to jailbreak your iOS8 device.

This amazing jailbreak tweak is Nuntius, and this is set at open beta as of now. All you need to do is to add up the shared routine repo on your Cydia, and start searching for the Nuntius quick reply for WhatsApp. This is known to be a free app for you to use, but might have costs once beta is done. Expect this on bigtime repos in Cydia once it gets updated as well because this will surely become one of the most convenient tweaks that you can ever have.

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