Nintendo 64 Emulator is Announced for Both iPhone and iPad

By | May 12, 2015

We cannot get enough of Nintendo 64 and for that reason a group of developers has decided that they are going to create an emulator that will allow us to enjoy some of our favorite games .

In the past we had looked at three emulators which had been created for the iPhone and the iPad. However, now there is a NDS4ios Nintendo DS emulator; that is available for Gameboy as a GBA4iOS 2.1 version. These are also available now for Gameboy Advanced Simulator, Provenance, SNES, Sega Genesis, and all of these are available to be downloaded without having to use Jailbreak.


Since smartphones are always getting more powerful and we cannot live without them, they have the ability to emulate the consoles we used in the past. There was not one until recently  that was thought to be right as an emulator of the Nintendo 64, until now. Get ready!

The main reason that this had not been developed for iOS was the fact that the screen was too small. Although there is an improved change with the iPad and the iPhone 6, they are now big enough to allow the emulation.

In addition to this, the ideal environment would have had to have been the iPad because it was the main controller and he screen, it also meant that it was possible to have a Bluetooth controller that would have the game input, and the touch use of the iPhone was not enough for really complex games.

The developers who are behind the new emulator have decided that all of their efforts will support MFi controllers. That means that the N^$iOS will have a customizable touchscreen control layout for people who do not have the controller so that it can be played on a touchscreen equivalent.

This is still in beta at the moment however, we are ready to find out the list of games as soon as the testing is done so that we will be able to know what to expect. They have decided that as soon as the time is right they intend to release it on Cydia and through iEmulators so that it can be downloaded without the use of jailbreak. We are waiting to get the final details on these announcements. However, this is something to look forward to as we are very excited about being able to use the new software to look at some of the most popular games which we have not played in a long time. Sometimes it just goes to show that a classic cannot be improved upon anymore and that we should enjoy some of the ideas from the past. There is also speculation that this may mean that there will be new games as well that will be developed allowing users to enjoy the continued development of a system that they all grew up with. Although its graphics were not as advanced as some of the modern systems this is something we cannot get enough of!

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