MovieBox iOS 8.2: The Final Download

By | May 12, 2015

Why did MovieBox stop working on previous operating system, more importantly, why did it stop working with iOS 8.1.2? The mystery remains unsolved. When a move & TV streaming app proves its worth in 1’s & 0’s, you can continue to revive it, until, it is streaming seamlessly on your mobile device.

Once again, our team discovered a path to download MovieBox on iOS 8.2 without jailbreaking the device.


MovieBox delivers freedom.

If you are seeking a cauldron of movies, TV shows & cartoons, you generally find this formula on Netflix & Hulu Plus. In a parallel universe, you will discover MovieBox, which delivers these attributes in a streaming fashion to your mobile device for free.

Even though we claim to be technology cowboys, we do not condone the use of MovieBox, or any streaming apps similar to MovieBox because it violates copyright laws. Our research and testing accomplishes our educational goals only. If you engage in these streaming apps, including MovieBox, you are operating them at your own risk because they are illegal.

iOS 8.2 procedure download for MovieBox.

  1. Launch Safari or favorite browser and navigate toward vShare.
  2. Access download button associated with your Apple or Windows device.
  3. vShare will launch.
  4. In the top right corner of your screen, access the magnify glass.
  5. Search “MovieBox.” vShare will load results shortly.
  6. Located to the right of the MovieBox search results, access the install button.
  7. Located at the vShare app bottom portion, click on the download tab.
  8. Access the install button after download is completed.
  9. MovieBox is successfully installed.

Without jailbreaking iOS 8.2 devices, our team has successfully tested and confirmed this procedure delivers streaming results.

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