MovieBox App: How To Download, Without Jailbreak, For iOS 8.1.1 Users

By | May 12, 2015

For our streaming torrent fans, we understand the desire to watch current movies and TV shows debuting directly on your iPhone, iPad & iPod touch. MovieBox app is winning the popular vote, while crushing other apps in its genre.

If you have updated your mobile platform to iOS 8.1.1, we will lead you through the download & install process without jail breaking your device.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, we have discovered this post is obsolete. During our research, experimenting and relentless testing, we compiled a solution for you in a new article.

With the masses chanting “MovieBox”, the CupertinoTime’s entourage has discovered this post is a popular entry. With the popular vote tallied for MovieBox, the only user desire is a jail breaking detour. Once again, our team has devised a solution.


Even though MovieBox & GBA4iOS bypassed the date-time exploit in legacy versions, this mystery is transparent to our final goal. Ultimately, we want to achieve streaming nirvana with torrent movies & TV shows, so we’ll leave the date-time mystery to the developers.

Apple’s iOS 8.1.1 is targeted toward the iPhone 4S and iPad 2, which both platforms have elevated their performance levels, eliminated bugs and achieved stability improvements. I am always chasing “more speed” with my iPhone 4s, so I upgraded immediately. In my desire for more speed, I lost my access to GBA4iOS, however, I have a safety net because MovieBox is compatible with iOS 8.1.1, and I know the correct link.


Unlock your torrent streaming desires.

  1. Open Safari or your favorite browser
  2. Navigate toward Pyger’s website to access the download page.
  3. Click on the green button titled “Install app.”
  4. When a dialogue box appears, you need to confirm the install process.
  5. A MovieBox icon will appear, but download process may require a few minutes.

Technology is a fickle beast, therefore, this download may or not deliver success for all iOS devices, however, I happy to announce that my iPhone 4S achieved a successful test drive. If Pyger’s website releases a new version, CupertinoTimes will deliver the update immediately to you.


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