Learn to Permanently Sort out Most Recent News Feeds on your Facebook App

By | June 7, 2015

News Feed on Facebook can be sorted out based on Top News and Most Recent posts by your friends and liked pages. The Most Recent sort is known to be hidden in the settings of Facebook, and this will just waste your time if you want to access it.

Gladly, there is a nice way for you to enable this once again in a very easy way with very easy steps for you to do on your mobile device.


A long time ago, before people became crazy over the web and pages are not that many yet, Facebook is known to have its News Feed sorted well based on the time right now. Therefore, you will see the latest post before checking out the older ones below as you scroll. This is very convenient for many people until the time when older people are starting to post tons of updated, pictures, and a whole lot more to share with their friends.

When that time came in, the News Feed became so annoying to others – to the point where they are getting pissed about other relatives posting too much. So Facebook decided to resolve this by letting you sort out News Feeds between Top and Most Recent to make things better. However, the Top News is a very random system that only the developers know well in terms of its own way of sorting it out (even though we don’t see other posts as important to us).

As time passes, the Most Recent was buried from the News Feed settings on the home page, and in to the very subcategory of your settings page. This is a very disappointing feature to some people although others got used to this new gimmick that the developers hade up. But for those who want to get this well detailed way of sorting out posts, then you can get a certain type of jailbreak tweak for that.

For those who know how to jailbreak iOS devices, this is a very easy thing to have. Recent Facebook can be downloaded via Cydia for free. Once you’re done with this procedure, all you need to do is to check your Facebook and see what will happen as the News Feed gets sorted out to reverse chronological order. This will never let you select the Most Recent posts ever again, and over and over again whenever you check out Facebook on your iPhone.

Take note that Recent Facebook is known to have a lot of bugs as of now, and this might annoy you. So make sure that you remember this before installing the tweak. But you can just email the developers if you want to get it fixed, and expect for more updated from this someday.

For those who just want to get back the Top News since you got used to it, all you need is to check out More, and go to Top Stories on the Feeds section. Or rather, you can go ahead and uninstall this if you don’t like the Most Recent anymore.

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