Learn How to Check Battery Cycles of iPhone and iPad in Here Before you Make a Purchase!

By | May 21, 2015

It’s a well known fact that Li-ion batteries have a battery life and capacity that’s already set for all phones. But for you to make the right purchase, make sure that you learn the method of getting the estimated value of an iPad or iPhone’s battery life.

This will let you know how many cycles the battery did already before you can even get it. This is a very easy way for you to do as well.

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As you keep using your Apple devices, take note that charging it almost everytime, or even for a few days only can let you get a lowered battery life. The Li-ion batteries tend to lose their capacity in that way until it comes to the point where the battery will only last for minutes. This might cause you to upgrade your device, and that costs too much.

If you want to get the information about the battery life of Apple mobile devices, then take note of these. Apple said that after 500 battery cycles, the iPhone battery will keep 80% of its original charge. For iPad, it goes after 1000 cycles, and 400 for iPod Touch models. After these first cycles, the battery will start losing the maximum capacity and life, and that’s why some old models already have this problem as of now.

That’s why becoming aware about the battery cycle of your device is a must to consider. For sure you know the fact that once your device discharges from batteries set at 100%, then placing the charger back it can cause you to consume a battery cycle. For you to learn how much the battery cycle of your apple mobile device is as of now, learn how to do this:

If you ever have a jailbroken device, be sure to go to Cydia, and look for the BatteryLife. This is known to be free under ModMYi if you want to download this part of Cydia. Install the app, and launch it for you to see details about the battery.

This will let you check out all of the battery information that any user might like to see when it comes to the battery status of your iPhone or iPad. This will let you see the exact amount of your battery capacity is, and will also let you know about how many battery cycles have you used. Since you know the information about the maximum battery cycles, you will be more aware of this. This will also let you check out battery temperature, and how many battery life will be used whenever you’re using a lot or just a few apps. Take note that this works well on app jailbroken versions for iOS 6, 7 and 8.

Rest assured that you will become more aware about how to monitor your battery status for the sake of a convenient usage, and more care when charging with the help of this method and app.s

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