Learn how to Block Ads and Remove Restrictions when Using YouTube and Other Video Apps

By | May 25, 2015

One of the worst things that you can ever imagine is that it’s totally hard to find some high quality video streaming that has a very smooth graphics just like what TV has to offer.

To make up for it, some big video websites such as YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, and a whole lot more will show you advertisements about random stuff (some are not even based on your own language). This usually happens when you’re watching a video, or before the video happens.


This is annoying for a lot of us even if there’s a button for you to skip because you just want to watch without any problem like this just like the old times. There are some that even use VPN services to gain access to better streaming sites for higher quality and free access. There are some plugins that you can use on your computer if you want to totally avoid ads for good, and that is with the use of Adblock for Google Chrome. This is known to be perfect for you to make your streaming a lot better.

For those who are using iOS, making sure that you try and learn what the tweaks that you can use for blocking ads will be perfect for your preferences. By jailbreaking your phone and learning what are the best tweaks to remove ads such as StreamEnhancer, for sure you will be able to watch videos in a smoother way than you can ever imagine.

A List of Sites that are Supported by StreamEnhancer

StreamEnhancer makes sure that you will be able to block ads in these apps:

  • YouTube – This blocks ads, and allows you to set up background audio. This also allows you to disable ads, gain access to other countries and remove watermarks, age restrictions, and even HD streaming even if you don’t have Wi Fi access wit hyou.
  • Twitch – removes ads only
  • Hulu – removes ads only
  • History – removes ads only
  • Comedy Central –Allows you to check out various videos without the need of logging in anymore!
  • Crunchyroll – Lets you gain access to all content, and also allows HD streaming.
  • tv/ The CW/ MxTube – removes ads, and removes iAds for iOS.

You can remove the premium content of the StreamEnhancer for free. This will let you gain access to anything in the video, and taken note that it can be used to other types of videos such as illegal accesses. But be sure to take note that you must use this for educational purposes only. Remember that any trouble related to the use of this tip will be on you as we only provide the best lessons that you can get.

StreamEnhancer has been tasted on jailbroken iOS versions of 7 and above. Experts tried to check out the features in YouTube even if you’re signed in to Google. What happened was amazing has it allowed them full access to everything in YouTube, and there were no ads in every video that they checked out. This is truly a great thing to take note of, and is reported in many websites already for you to realize that this is a must to install already.

This is available using Andrew Wilk’s jailbreak tweaks. Be sure to search it over there, and make sure that you look for the StreamEnhancer. But what you need to do first is to learn how to jailbreak your iOS 7 with the use of Evasi0n, if you’re running 7.1 and above, use Pangu’s. This will be an easy step for you to do, and expect that you will feel more convenient upon watching ad free videos for good.

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