iOS 8 WiFi On But Internet Connection is Not? Problem Solved!

By | May 27, 2015

iOS 8 came loaded with a lot of bugs and one in particular has been especially annoying – your WiFi is on and it works from other computers, but the internet connection on your iOS 8 mobile device conks out every few minutes.

Apple is aware of these issues and will eventually release fixes in upcoming releases. iOS 8 comes with a lot that is good, but it’s riddled with bugs that make the user experience a really annoying one and the recent release of updates to 8.0.1, 8.0.2, and 8.1 haven’t fixed the bugs. Users are still complaining about slow loading paging.  Why wait for Apple to get around to fixing them, especially the WiFi bug, when you can take charge and fix it yourself?!


We can’t guarantee that these techniques will work for you, but it sure beats just waiting for relief!

Try a Different DNS

Think of DNS, or Domain Name Servers, as the internet’s phone book. DNS translates domain names into Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, because it’s much easier to remember domain names than to remember random IP addresses. If your ISP’s DNS server is misbehaving, then try Google DNS. It’s a lot more reliable and a lot faster in translating domain names to IP addresses.

Go to:

  • Settings and select WiFi
  • Tap the “i” icon located on the right side of you WiFi
  • The DNS option will be located under the IP address
  • Tap on DNS
  • Remove the DNS IP addresses and replace with “
  • Tap “WiFi” so that you can save your updated DNS settings.

Here’s an even easier solution:

  • Go to Setting,
  • General, and
  • Reset
  • Tap Reset Network Setting

 This option will reset all of your network solutions and will fix most of the connectivity problems.

 You’re all set now and should enjoy a much more satisfying WiFi experience!

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