How to Take Good Selfies

By | November 18, 2013

If you were born during the 1990s and would watch a lot of TV shows, then you would very well be familiar with “Mr. Bean.” We all know that the first selfies were taken by Mr. Bean in one of his episodes.

One can see anyone and everyone taking a selfie and sharing it on their Social network circle. To take a good selfie, one must remember a few good key points to produce a crystal clear photo. In these days and age, there are a lot of smartphones and other hosts of gadgets used to take selfies other than cameras.


Not wasting any more time, here are the best tips which one should keep in mind before and while taking a good selfie: 

Good Selfie Tip #1: Capture with a Good Angle

A Good Selfie can only be taken when we try out different angles and poses. The ordinary head-on selfie is out of trend now. Finding a good angle for the perfect shot is the first step on taking a perfect selfie. Try to avoid looking directly at the camera while taking a selfie to produce better effects. One point which really helps in taking a good selfie is to “Keep your head a little low (try looking at ground far away)” so that your eyes do not have direct rays from the Camera.

Good Selfie Tip #2: Show Some Stuff

You can also take good selfies by holding some stuff or click in a way that it is not only you that is visible on the scenery. Try showing some stuff like wardrobes, the local scenery and other objects of interest. You can also try taking a selfie with others like your friends and have a groufie.

Not just this but you can also try clicking selfie with your pets. We don’t want you to click an insane selfie but a good selfie.

Good Selfie Tip #3: A Good Camera/ Smartphone

The Camera quality also plays a significant role in a good selfie click. These days we have cameras which have selfie mode designed in a way that HQ photos can be clicked in the form of a selfie. Some devices from HTC and Samsung does offer pretty decent quality images from the front camera itself which helps people to look at what they are going to click.

A recent study revealed that over 70 out of 100 celebrities from Hollywood who are active in Facebook have uploaded at least one selfie in the last six months. The count goes even higher when we go to layman and an age group of 18 to 24. So everyone knows the importance of selfies these days.


If it’s taking a good selfie is what you want, then these helpful tips can provide the things that you need when it comes to capturing that unique and impressive selfie shot. We hope that you were able to get some useful tips from the insight on good selfies that we have shared with you. If you have any other tips worth sharing, please let us know.

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