How to Install Android Apps on BlueStacks (Windows and Mac)

By | December 17, 2014

Throughout the years, Android has become a powerful platform for smartphones and tablets. With its constant updates and improvements, as well as its great capability to be customized, a lot of people choose to purchase devices that run on the Android OS compared to others.

But what about users that want to experience the wonders of the Android, but don’t have the luxury of having a mobile device?

That’s where emulators come into play as there are now software available to run Android apps for computers. And among the various Android emulators that are available online, BlueStacks is just one of the best, if not the best Android emulator available for your PC or Mac.


What is BlueStacks?

As Android keeps improving, the concern of a lot of people is that there are still some who can’t experience using it because they don’t have a mobile device. With its development starting from 2011, BlueStacks is a critically-acclaimed software that enables you to play Android apps and games on your computer, bringing Android to computers possible.


BlueStacks can be downloaded from their site for free and provides easy installation which will be discussed shortly. Run apps, play games, and customize your own Android screen with BlueStacks now!



As one of the best Android emulators for the PC and Mac, BlueStacks has a number of features that make it among the best of the best when it comes to Android emulators.

  • Run you favorite Android apps on your computer!
  • Play your favorite Android games like Candry Crush, Clash of Clans, and Temple Run!
  • Customize your own Android home screen!



While Android applications and games can only be accessed through an Android mobile device, it’s now possible to access them through your PC with the use of an emulator. Here are a few simple  steps on how to install Android apps and games on your computer with BlueStacks:

  • Download BlueStacks – App Player for your computer
  • Once the download is finished, install BlueStacks on your PC
  • Open the BlueStacks Android Emulator after installation on your PC
  • On the BlueStacks homepage, you’ll find the sections Top Charts, My Apps, and any other featured apps
  • You can download apps by clicking on them and install them on BlueStacks
  • You can also search for apps on the search bar located on the top right corner of the homepage
  • Type in the name of the app or game that you want and a set of apps with similar names will appear in a list
  • Click on the app to install it and you’ll be redirected to the Play Store integration
  • Follow the steps that follow to install the app or the game
  • After installing the app, open the app, and work with it on BlueStacks
  • Enjoy!


Yes! It’s this simple! Installing an Android app on a mobile device or on BlueStacks is quite similar and you won’t have a hard time doing so. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to run Android apps or games or just want to experience using the Android on your computer, get BlueStacks for your PC or Mac now!

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