Hola Privacy: A Free VPN For iOS Devices With Unlimited Downloading!

By | May 28, 2015

Are you looking for a safe and effective way to browse the internet from your iOS mobile device? Take a look at Hola Privacy, which is a VPN that has an unlimited data plan for iOS devices! There is just one small catch that for many of us, is not a deal breaker.

The free version of Hola (Hola Free) provides privacy protection, blocks ads, all while offering with unlimited download speeds and upload speeds for 1 GB of data. The catch is that after your first gig of data, Hola Free will throttle your download speed to 1mbps and your upload speed to 128kbps. You can free yourself from throttling by paying a reasonable $5.00 per month. This is actually a better deal than most of the other free VPNs for iOS devices out there.


Everyone has to make a decision about how much privacy they need to feel safe and how much inconvenience or money they are willing to spend to ensure it. Some folks take all of the basic, precautionary measures to safeguard privacy online, while others balk at installing and especially paying for VPNs. Some people use VPNs for specific activities, like accessing music or video streaming services. Some users hate the way VPNs slow down browser performance and the software is sometimes buggy.

I you’re thinking about paying for a VPN, you should also take a look at Private Internet Access VPN Service. Private Internet Access VPN is a little more expensive than Hola at $6.75 but outperforms the competitors, including offering the convenience of connection for up to three mobile devices.

If living with throttling for the free version or paying a less for service are what you’re after, then download Hola by following these simple steps:

On your iOS device go to Settings:

  1. Select General
  2. Then select VPN
  3. Select a Server
  4. Connect to the VPN
  5. Download Hola Privacy VPN for iPhone & iPad

One More Step:

After you install the app, you’ll have to install a VPN profile through your Safari browser. Don’t worry – your app will direct you through this final step.

You’re all done! Now go out there and surf the web anywhere, anytime without censorship and without fear!

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