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By | June 20, 2017

Google Fit App

For the last couple of years the fitness bands and smartwatches have become very essential gadgets for tracking down person activities like walk steps, gyming, running, calories burn etc.

In order to track this kind of activities on smartphones, you surely need an app and to make things easier, Google has recently launched Google Fit App which is available for Android devices. This app shows person fitness activities in graphical insights. It’s always good to stay healthy and fit. Isn’t it?



Later in this article we will also discuss about its unique features and functionality but before that lest’s talk about the latest version of Google Fit Fitness tracking App which is released on 2nd September 2016. You can download the Google Fit App for Android devices from the link given below. In the latest update, many features and changes are included in the app which makes it more efficient.


Google Fit App Features

Whenever Google launched or manufacture any kind of product, technology or app then it always astonish the people with its innovations and amazing features by stands apart from the competitors, like we saw earlier when they launched two application Google Duo calling app and Google Allo app. You can see all this incredible things in Google Fit Fitness tracking app also. Now let’s see the important features that you can get on Google Fit app available to download from Android devices.

1.  No matter whether you are running/cycling on your way or walking, Google Fit calculates every activity of yours to show you perfect insights at the end of the day!

2. You will get real time statistics directly on your Android devices for your runs, rides, walks, etc.

3. Google Fit app records the speed at which you run, walk or ride, distance traveled, your route directions, elevation (if any) etc.

4. The Google Fit Fitness tracking app allows you to set reminders and goals of your choice so that you never miss your daily activities and targets. 

5. Set weekly targets to play 2 hours daily. Just like playing Cricket on Wednesday morning, playing tennis in Sunday morning and many more.

6. Other goals such as taking 15K steps every week, be active for 30 minutes, running 5 times in a week for an hour etc or you can even create your own goal according to your needs.

7. Check your weight on daily basis. Because if your weight is decreasing up to 5 KG’s in a month or two, you are sure to be fittest of the persons in the world.

8. Calculate the calories burnt during your ride or while walking. The Google Fit app shows at what speed you are riding or walking which is seen in almost all the fitness app.

9. You can compare your different activities or exercise, calorie burnt on the basis of daily reports, weekly and monthly reports!

10. In order to check your overall progress, you can visit the official website of Google fit ( or on your Android smartwatch too. 



Google Fit app provides as a fitness tracking app. It supports and works with Android Wear, Strava, Nike+, Mi Bands, Runkeeper, MyFitnessPal, Lifesum, Withings and lots more. 

The features which are mentioned above are the basic features available in the Google Fit app but now with the latest update the app becomes more better, efficient and refined. The updated features are listed below.


Latest Updated Features of Google Fit Fitness Tracking App

  • The app now provides the ability to edit your day to day activity.
  • With this latest update of Google Fit app, people can now view all the daily stats at once.
  • Compare to other people in your area and see how fit you are and  Get inspired from them if you are not the fittest of all.
  • Set your targets and specific goals of your choice for any time period such as daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly.
  • Google Fit latest update fixed many bugs and glitches. Also it will now supports more Android devices.

These are some of the updated features that you will get with Google Fit Fitness tracking app latest version. Moving forward to the next section in which we will explain you the process of how to download the Google Fit app on Android devices.


Google Fit App Download for Android

Fitness is the most essential part of human life in order to stay healthy and if you walk, run or exercise regularly then you will need a fitness tracking app which tracks your overall activities which keeps you updated with stats like heartbeat, calorie burnt etc and So, here we are providing you the step by step procedure to download the Google Fit App on Android devices.

1 . First thing you will need is to create a Google Account if you haven’t on your Android device. Then Sign-in to your Google account.

2. Navigate to the official Google Play Store app in your Android device and in the search bar type Google Fit – Fitness Tracking App and hit enter.

3. Once you find the official Google Fit App in the Google play store, just tap on Install button and agree all terms and conditions. After that The installation process begins.

4.  The installation process will take some time depends upon your device specification, So wait patiently as it might take few minutes to install.

5. Once the installation done, open the Google Fit app and set your targets by connecting it to your required device (Band or smartwatch ) and you are all set to get fit within no time.



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