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By | December 13, 2014

Looking for a neat camera app on your phone? Sure, there are certainly a lot that you can download online. However, it’s sad that you only get mediocre photo apps that could only produce low quality photos.

If you want the best when it comes to apps, why not choose Google as your mainstay partner with their Google Camera App?

Google Camera App

Just recently launched to the public, the Google Camera App has received critical acclaim after its release as a free app on the Play Store. The app lets users take quick snaps of photos and videos that’s easy and simple. Several camera features are also built-in like Lens Blur, Panorama, Photo Sphere, and a lot more. One good thing to take note about the Photo Sphere is that it allows you to take spectacular 360ᵒ views and the Lens Blur can produce SLR-type photos minimal depth of field.


  • Take photos with ease and comfort with Google Camera’s simple interface
  • Use Google Camera’s Lens Blur setting to blur the background as you focus on a subject making it great for selfies
  • Get to capture stills while recording videos with one click!
  • Create amazing photos with Google Camera’s photo stitching feature which includes panoramic shots, 360 degree camera shots, fish eye images, wide angle shots, and a lot more!
  • With HDR+, you don’t have to worry about taking pictures in low light settings
  • Get to control your camera from a distance with Android Wear!


Starting strong with Google as its foundation, the Google Camera app is something to look at for anyone looking for a clean and neat camera app that carries a lot of features. If you want to take photos on both your front and rear cameras without having to worry about the resolution, it’s about time to make use of Google Camera to solve that problem. Even Panorama shots are now produced with high resolution. Indeed, the Google Camera is something amazing for the Android users.

Download Google Camera for PC/ Google Camera for Mac/ Google Camera for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 Touch/ Download Google Camera APK

The Google Camera app is only available for the Android mobile devices, but there are still some users who would want to experience using this app. Since there’s still no official port of the Google Camera to the PC, you need to install an emulator if you want to make use of it on a computer. You can also download the APK file for installing the Google Camera app on emulators like YouWave, GenyMotion, and BlueStacks.

  • Download and install Bluestacks or any other Android emulator on your computer
  • Once installation is done, search for Google Camera app on the BlueStacks search bar
  • Install the Google Camera app on Bluestacks
  • Once the Google Camera app is done installing, start the app, and enjoy!

What are you waiting for? If you want to get the Google Camera app for your computer, follow these easy steps and get to enjoy this awesome camera app without even having an Android smartphone or tablet.

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