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By | April 17, 2017

Google Allo Download for PC

Hey Guys ! we are here again and this time we are going to explain the way through which you can download the Google Allo on your PC running on Windows and Mac OS. But before going ahead let’s first understand the Google Allo app and its features.

As from the name itself the Allo app is published and developed by Google with the aim of providing instant messaging service to users with features like google assistant, great smiley and emoji. This app packs tons of unique features that you can’t find on other third party messaging app.

With its launch, it is now consider as the most smartest and advanced messaging app available for android devices. The beta version of Allo is already available to download and this app first shown to the world in Google I/O conference 2015. On 22nd September 2016, google has officially launched the full version of Allo on android Play store. 

Google Allo PC comes up with a feature of smart reply, which helps the users to type the message according to one’s messaging pattern which can reduce the user’s typing frustration. The user interface and performance also very fast and quick. As soon as the message received by the user, Allo use its capability to deduce the entire reply. The APK size of Google Allo is very small (around 15.9 MB) which makes it very light and easy to install.

How Google Allo is Different from Other Apps?

This app uses the Google’s own technology of Artificial Intelligence. The feature of Smart reply kept this app way more ahead when compare to other messaging apps available in the market. Another feature called Google Allo Para PC which allows user to detect the text in the Images or Photos. If your friend is on a road trip and send you photos then Allo detects it and shows you the reply suggestions like ’amazing’, ‘have fun’ or similar others.

The Google Allo app also packed with other Google feature like Google Now. The Google Now can be activated at any time and you can also share the video links of YouTube, address search on Google Maps etc. It is the app that packs all the features of Google and therefore it makes different from the apps. This features can also be accessed while using group chats.

The Incognito mode feature is also include in Allo and its working is similar to the Incognito mode of Google Chrome browser. This modes helps user to erase all chats and messages for a fixed period of time. Apart from that any user can set a specific nickname of particular sender to avoid confusion. This app also provides great privacy feature by not showing the new messages in the Notification tray or in the lock screen. To get paid apps for free, you can download and install TuTuApp for devices running on iOS.


These are the features that comes with Google Allo and you can install this on your smartphone. But if you want to install Allo on Windows PC or Mac, then let’s have a look on the required steps that you have to follow for installing the Google Allo app on PC.

Amazing Features of Google Allo App for PC

1 ) Incognito mode allows user to hide the messages with end to end encryption and erase all the messages when you turn on this feature. You can back to normal mode by turning off this feature.

2 ) Automatic suggestions on what to reply when you receive message from other person based on type of communication, which is definitely a handy feature.

3) This app contains many creative Stickers to make conversation even more fun and realistic.

4 ) The best feature is the Google Assistant which makes every thing easier in this app.

5 ) Great privacy as no pop-ups or notification arrives in the notification tray or in the lock screen when new message arrives. This is something new, Isn’t it.


How to Download Google Allo for PC (Mac & Windows)

To install Google Allo on PC, the most important thing that you have to do is to install the Android Emulator any of your choice, This emulator enables the Android APK to run on PC ( whether it is running on Windows or iOS). Some pf the Emulator that you can download are LeapDroid, Nox App Player, Bluestacks etc.

1 ) Click Here to download the Android Emulator of your choice.

2 ) Open the download file and install it. Time for installation depends upon the machine speed. Don’t worry it it take s time. Be Patient!

3 ) Now once you open the Emulator, it will ask you the login details. Mostly you have to enter your Gmail login details.

4 ) After completion of the above step, open the Play Store available in Emulator and search in it for Google Allo app and download it.

5 ) Install the Allo app, and start using app from the icon visible on the home screen of the emulator or from the application drawer.

6 ) If you need instruction for using Google Allo, just go to the Google Play Store and read all the instruction regarding its features and functions.



Google Assistant in Allo vs Siri

Many users don’t know that Google Allo is available on both Android and iOS operating system, whereas the Siri is only available on iOS devices like iPhone, iPod and iPad. Google Assistant is far more mature and intelligent when compare to Siri. As the developer team of Google is more young and Innovative to make Allo use every feature of Google in best possible way. 

And when we talk about the developer team of Apple, it can’t even stand in front of Google because many team members of Apple has left the company to start their startups and that’s why they became slow in developing and producing new ideas.


You can try Google Allo by installing it on your device as it contains all the basic features that comes in popular messaging apps like Facebook messenger, Whats app. Apart from that it also provides some unique features that you can only experience with Allo. This app is available on both Android and iPhone.


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