Get SendDelay to Stop SMS TeXt Messages and iMessages Before Being Sent using iPhone

By | May 25, 2015

There are times where we made typos or a huge mistake of a test whenever you want to talk to someone, and you never realized those errors until you press the Send button? If you’re really having regrets and trouble, then take note that there is a great way to fix that.

SendDelay for iOS is known to be a great way for you to stop and undo messages before you even send it. This made phones more optimized in terms of messaging.


It’s a well known fact that iOS has no built in command that will stop messages just like what other phones, and even old phones have. There only way for you to prevent that is for going to airplane mode to stop the text before it gets sent. However, that is very inconvenient.

With the help of SendDelay, you will have better ways to stop messages by editing the message and iMessage app. Once you sent a message, you will notice that the send button becomes a red stop button. In that way, you can just press it for your message to never get sent. This will remove the message effectively from the queue, and will get your back to draft more so that you can go and edit the message again before being sent.

This app comes with a very useful option, and this is very nifty that’s for sure. This will let you delay sending before it gets delivered. Just go to Settings and then SendDelay for you to change the delay duration of the message that will be sent. You can change it to 5 seconds if you really want to change your mind about your message.

These are all of SendDelay’s features, and this is a great app that’s so simple indeed. This will surely grant you that quick command of letting you send messages with delay and by stopping it if you want to change your tests. This is a good way for you to avoid issues, and in order for you to clearly make up your mind while preventing a text from impulse.

SendDealy is a free app that you can get from Cydia under BigBoss’s repo. This is a very nice tool that will surely grant you a new way to make messaging better using iPhone. However, you must learn how to jailbreak your iPhone first before you get this application. This is worthy to learn indeed.

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