Get Ready ProPopulo Torrent Downloader in the App Store

By | May 12, 2015

We all have applications that we love that are hard to get our hands on some of these involve the Torrent downloading applications that allow you to download all of the applications that iTunes believes are against their policies or are illegal.

Apple has found ways to shut down all of those applications in the past and continues to do so as much as possible. There are many Jailbreak applications that are in place for that purpose, but it is not just that simple. If you were looking for a way to download torrent onto your iPad you can now do this by going to ProPopulo which is now in the iTunes store.

Apple does not have an issue with this and that means that they are not against Torrent. For that is reason you will want to make sure that you are able to have access to BitTorrent is an award winning application that allows you to have file sharing and that means that it should be done with peer to peer network. BitTorrent is not a harmful client and that means that you want to have access to all of the options as well so that you can take against it.


Apple also has in the past removed all of the illegal content that is out there, a few examples of this include the Blue Downloader. This was an app that was geared towards illegal torrents, and that means that it was bound to come to the notice of Apple quickly.

The Application ProPopulo Downloader

The idea behind developing all of these applications as well as putting them into the app store, the developers have to hide functionality discreetly as well as not advertise them in the applications. This ProPopulo is just one example of such applications.

Right out of the gate there are many other kinds of applications are out there for downloading torrents. The application such as BitTorrent file sharing protocol is very illegal. The application uses the very pretext and allows the download of torrents only from the public domain. That means that it includes trailers, free movies, books, and other documentaries. That means as well that anything that is not copyright protected it is available freely.

There is a trick up the sleeve of the developer. You are able to use a link from torrent on the web so that you are able to click on the link and you would be able to use the application. This means that you are going to download torrent from the web with no restrictions.

The application does not require that you have a jailbreak application on your device. That means that the functionality provided in the application is not completely legitimate. So you want to make sure you are able to use it while it is available before Apple begins to shut it down. Apple will make every single option to shut it down as quickly as possible.

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