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By | March 4, 2017

Freedom App APK

Those who never heard about Freedom APK specially those users who are currently using Android Mobile Device, through this article you will get detailed information about Freedom App on how its works and what are its uses.

It is very useful Application for Android users and by knowing more about this app from the article given below , it would give you a thought to install and start using this wonderful features.

One useful feature of Freedom APK App is that you can unlock any levels in a particular game and also it allows you to buy gems and coins free of cost. In other way you can say that it is a kind of a Purchase Hack which allows you to make different purchases in a game without spending single penny. This app can installed on only those Android devices which are already Rooted. If you want to install Freedom APK app then you must have to root your phone in order to run this APK. That’s why this app comes under the category of “root-only apps”.

If you already rooted your Android device then you must use it efficiently, as rooted devices gives you an opportunity and freedom to customize your phone and give advantages of many hidden features.


Feature of Freedom App APK

  • This app allows you to get premium features present in any gaming applications like unlimited gems and coins which is totally free of cost.
  • It also lets you to make in-app purchase without any issue.
  • With the help of Freedom APK, you can unlock paid apps and Premium Levels in a particular game.
  • The Latest version of this App works smoothly without any bugs, and also compatible with Android devices running on OS version – Marshmallow and Lollipop.




Apps which are Similar to Freedom APK App 

There are many apps available in market which are having similar kind of features like Free app purchase, unlimited coins etc. which can also be find on Freedom APK App. These apps are also available in Google Play Store, you can try this app by downloading it directly from Play Store. Apps like Root Explorer are also use in hacking Android games. In the given below list we have mentioned some of the apps that are necessary in order to root your Device.

GMD Speed Time 

If you are gamer then you have definitely suffered from an annoying feature of a game in which you have to wait long for extracting additional energy or cash, but now you don’t have to worry as GMD Speed Time App speed up the waiting time in a game and progress you to the advanced level, which is very handy tool and you must try it along with TuTuAPP through which you can download paid app free of cost.


Market Helper

This app is very different when compared it to the Google server that’s why this app is not available in Google Play Store. This app is installed only on those devices which are already Rooted and it makes your mobile device completely different. The reason behind this app is not available in Play store is that it copies the fingerprint from another device and gives an access to the restricted app which are against Google Play Policy. This app can transforms the looks of your device into Galaxy S III, Nexus 4, Nexus 7, One Plus X or Kindle Fire HD etc.


Greenify *Root* 

This app is very helpful for those Android devices which are having low Memory or bad RAM management. This app gives you the control to set unwanted apps in hibernation mode. By doing this, app becomes idle in the background and provides your device more Free RAM and better memory management.



This app can makes your Android device into a Handy USB drive without any issue, but for that you must have Rooted Android device. The procedure is that you have to host or burn the image over an USB drive to your Personal Computer (PC) by uploading a Linux ISO file on your mobile device.



This app is totally free and works for only those Android Devices which are running on Android version 4.0 or higher. This app allows to play your song download in Google Play Music on third party apps like PowerAmp. This thing can happen because the app is installed with Cloud drive which act as local storage and helps it to visible by other apps and in this way music can be streamed.


Network Log

There are many apps in our mobile device which are running in the background and keeps on connected with the internet and slow down our phone even if we don’t want them. With the help of Network log you can get the detailed information of each app like their working as it monitors the IP Table, it gives you power to list out that apps which starts instantly with active internet connections.



The Rooted Android devices have their own advantages and gives an immense freedom to its user to customize their phone in million ways. D-Sploit is an open source app through which you can done mapping of fingerprint Network devices, passwords hacking, Session hijacking etc. This app is free but not available in Google Play Store. You can download it from the internet or from third Party App store.



How to Download Freedom APK Downloader 

Now we are giving you some instructions on how to download the the Freedom APK Downloader. This is used for downloading the Apps directly in your Personal Computer (PC).

  1. Go to your Web Browser ( Google Chrome or Firefox). Here we are giving instructions based on Chrome web Browser. Now Click on top right corner that shows three dots symbols.
  2. Now navigate to the tool bar options from the drop down list.
  3. Move your cursor to the tool bar and Click on the Extension Bar and then Tap on the Get more Extension Link.
  4. With the help of search box, type the APK name i.e., Freedom APK Down-loader and Click on download button.
  5. Enter your Login details and Password when a pop up is visible on the screen.
  6. From Google Play Store, download the App Downloader Extension bar on your PC.
  7. In this way you can  download the Freedom APK either on your Laptop or PC and start enjoying and taking advantage of this app to the fullest.


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