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By | August 24, 2014


The Sims series has been a huge hit for many years already with sequels and expansions just popping up. One of the best Sims games is The Sims 2, considered as a revolutionary game in its genre.

Several years have passed and a lot of people still want to play this great game – that’s why we took the liberty of teaching you how to download The Sims 2 for FREE.

Create your Sim, build your house, make relationships, and chase your dreams – there’s a lot that you can do with Sims 2! The possibilities are just endless as you explore the life of your Sim and create the adventure with your own hands. If you want a casual game with tons of content and hours of endless fun and excitement, go ahead and play the Sims 2 as a start. Introduce yourself with the award-winning series with this awesome game and get it on your PC!


The Sims 2: Ultimate Collection contains all of the expansion packs available for the game and you can get it for free. But you can always download just the base game, The Sims 2, if you prefer it as standalone.

Here’s how you can download The Sims 2 for free:

  • Start up Origin. If you don’t have Origin installed in your computer, you can go to and get it for free.
  • Click on the “Origin” tab located on the upper left corner of the Origin window. Another tab will open and click on the “Redeem Product Code”.
  • In the box, enter this code: “I-LOVE-THE-SIMS”.
  • After you’ve successfully entered the code, a download button will appear so you can download and install The Sims 2 pack. If you’ve downloaded the Ultimate Collection version, you can have access to the base game and all the expansions available.
  • Download and install the game.
  • Start up The Sims 2 and enjoy!


The code isn’t guaranteed to work many years or months from now, so it’s better to use this code now and download The Sims 2.

By downloading Origin, you can search for games and get great deals. If you don’t want to download Origin on your computer, you can also download Steam instead. Steam is another great platform where you can get different games for a good price, but you can’t use the same code provided above for The Sims 2. You can get a lot of discounts on Steam and it won’t even be surprising to see a game that was originally priced at $59.99 to drop at around $10 or maybe even less. You can get a lot of good deals with steam and you can download it by going to

The Sims 2 is just one of the many games that have made an impact in the gaming industry. Because of this, we hope to make this great game available to you and your friends. While the code to download The Sims 2 may not be assured to work many years from now, feedback from you will be helpful in sharing the game. If you have any questions, suggestions or problems, feel free to contact us anytime.

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