Foiled Again! SNES4iOS & GBA4iOS Are Not Working On iOS 8.1.3

By | May 28, 2015

 Recently we covered how HD Cinema, PlayBox HD and MovieBox were no longer working on iOS 8.1.3. Now we’ve learned that Nintendo emulators for Super Nintendo and GameBoy Advance are also not working.

There are certain apps that are not allowed in the App store because of legal and security concerns. These include video streaming apps, bit torrent downloaders and retro console emulators.


Owning emulators is not illegal, but when you download emulators you also download game ROMs to play them on. You can emulate game ROMs as long as you own the cartridge to your Super Nintendo or GameBoy Advance. It is very likely that most of the users do not own the cartridges for the games they play when using emulators and that is why emulators are not allowed in the App Store. There is high demand or emulators and both GBA4iOS 2.1 and SNES4iOScan can be download without jailbreaking. While the hack does not involve jailbreaking, it is not uncommon for the emulator to stop working or for some users to find it impossible to download the emulator at all.

Sure enough, SNES4iOS, NDS4iOS and GBA4iOS have ceased working on iOS 8.1.3, and at present, there is not a solution that does not involve Jailbreaking. If something changes we’ll be sure to let you know.

In the meantime, you could take your iOS mobile device and jailbreak it on iOS 8.1.2 and then you could download emulators through .  As long as you have not upgraded, you could always downgrade to iOS 8.1.3 for iOS 8.1.2 and to iTunes 12.1 too, although you’d better hurry, as this option will not be available for much longer.

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