Finally a Working Download link for GBA4iOS 2.1 on Your iOS 8.1.2. Devices

By | May 12, 2015

You asked for it and we found it! A working download link for the GBA4iOS 2.1 emulator available now at for use on your iOS 8.1.2 devices! If you have avoided other methods because they involved jailbreaking, then don’t fret. With this handy emulator, you can install GBA4iOS on all of your iOS 8.1.2 devices, no jailbreaking necessary.


Users were having a great time using the GBA emulator with their iPhones before Apple put the kibosh on it. Apple has good reasons for keeping tight reigns on their iOS; quality, security and revenue. Poor quality and is the main reason for apps not making it into the App Store.  Security is a close second as Apple has to keep its users from downloading viruses and other malware that could steal personal information or harm their devices. Apple collects a healthy percentage of app revenues, so it has a vested interest in ensuring that only apps of the highest quality are approved for the Apple Store.

Apple issues Enterprise certificates to companies so they can test and build their own customized apps solely within their own organization, bypassing the App Store. With an enterprise certificate you can distribute the apps you created to anyone within your organization and you can also choose to allow an unlimited number of downloads. It is pretty hard to verify that users of the app are or are not affiliated with the organization that holds the Enterprise certificate. You might say that by using the app you’re helping to test the User Experience.

The developers of the open source GBA emulator have made their app available for unlimited an unlimited number of downloads via the Enterprise certificate. You can download Enterprise-signed apps from any website onto your iPhone or iPad.

This worked well until Apple got wind of it during one of their app reviews and then shuts down this loophole. This new link that you can get at iEmulator reopens the loophole so you can use the GBA emulator to play your classic and current Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Color games on your iOS 8.1.2 device. The emulator has fantastic functionality, enabling stopping and saving games at any point in the action, integration with Dropbox to help you manage your ROMS, multiplayer functionality, and the ability to customize your game skins. One note of caution, always do your research from websites and articles like this one before installing unauthorized apps on your iPhone. We’ll do the research and then tell you all about it.

Installation in 4 Easy Steps

Whether you’re a digital naïve or a digital native, you’ll find the installation for this download to be nice and easy.

  1. Go to Safari from your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Type in
  3. Select the apps tab and select GBA4iOS 2.1.
  4. When you get the popup warning from iOS asking you to confirm download from an untrusted developer, click Trust to confirm installation.

We’ll keep you posted on any new developments, new take downs and work-arounds. Just make sure you download this link fast before Apple sniffs it out and revokes the Enterprise certificate. Until then, happy gaming!

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