Face Swap Live: 5 Best Face Swap Apps & Videos for Android, iOS!

By | June 11, 2017


Face Swap Live

If you are person who loves to exploring new application on your smartphone or on any other digital gadgets then Face Swap Live & Face Swap Apps are definitely going to please you with its amazing functions. On Google Play Store and Apple Store there are many apps available based on entertainment genre and in that Face Swap is the biggest and most entertaining app that is driving people crazy. This apps is already popular in all age groups, from Kids to Adult.

Face Swap is a very  entertaining and funny app. In this article we will discuss some of the most trending and popular Face Swap live and face swap apps. But before jump into the list, let’s first try to understand what is Face Swapping, (if you don’t have any idea about it) and how this app works.


Introduction to Face Swap Live

Those people who never heard about the Face Swap Live app or don’t have any idea what it is about, then in this section we will explain you what this app works and why is it getting so popular. This app basically allows you to swap faces with your friends, family or anybody who are in the camera frame of your phone. And this is all happens in real time.


You might have doubts regarding its fresh concept, as many people thought that the concept of swap faces is already had launched in the forms of apps and already available in apps store then why Face Swap Live is so popular ? Well the difference between those apps and Face Swap live is that the later is does it in a moment. This apps doesn’t follow the orthodox method of processing in which the user first upload the photos on app and then getting the face looks exchanged. Instead of that method, Face Swap Live access your mobile camera to get your face on the screen.

Through Face Swap Live app you can get instantly swapped face whether you want to record a video with someone or snap a picture on the Face Swap camera, the faces will swapped live while taking a picture or record a video. This is the reason Face Swap Live becomes so popular and its funny features makes it more entertaining and enjoyable. The best part of this app is that it is available on both the Platform of Android and iOS, so everyone can use and experience its funny features.



Features of Face Swap Live

The app gives the ability to record your pics or videos with live swapping of faces with anybody whether it is your relative, friend or a celebrity. This makes the app very hilarious and funny at the same time and with continuous usage you will get to know its more features. But the story not ends here.

The app allows you to record the face swapping with effects and filters of your choice. The apps includes many 3D filter which enhance the overall experience and make this app more entertaining and funny. You can choose options to turn on the mask or costume mode. With this options you can put a hat, beard or glasses on the swapped faces, which makes the video or picture more comical.


List of Best Face Swap Apps for Android


#1. Photo Face Swap

This app is fun to use and also user-friendly. This app lets allows you to swap faces in photos that you upload on the app while using it. The only thing  you should kept in mind is that while taking photos your face must be aligned, rest work will be done by the app. The app also includes a feature of  ‘face bomb effect’, which is use to put a particular face on all the people present in a photo. Sounds cool, right? Just Download this app Right Now !

#2. Mix Booth

Unlike other apps this app doesn’t swap faces but  instead of that it blends two faces into one, which is damn cool ! All you need is to upload the photos of yourself and of people you want to mix your face with and leave the rest to the app. You can also take advantage of this app by blending your face with any celebrity or stranger face in order to see how would you look on somebody’s body. This is very awesome features which you can get in Swap Face Live app and this app is available on Android platform too, download the app from Here.


#3. Face Swap Live 

Other apps similar to this genre use the static images to interchange faces but the face Swap Live app does all the work in real-time. In this app your face should be fit into the camera screen along with your friend and then Face Swap will perform live whether you are in video or picture mode. This app gives hilarious result which is very funny and entertaining.  It is unarguably the best Face Swap application available on Android Platform. Download this app From Here.


#4. Face Swap Booth

If you have tons of faces in your phone gallery that you want to swap then this is the app which suits you. This app allows user to add faces in the app manually or Swap Face apps detect the faces automatically and then interchanges those faces to get goofy results. You can even swap your face with the pre-installed celebrity faces on the app. Apart from that the app also provides many advanced editing tools through you can add extra effects for more fun. Try the Face Swap Booth app as it is available on Android for free. You can download this app from here.



#5. MSQRD Face Swap App

It is not actually a Face Swap Live App, but it provides some of the interesting and brilliant options which is only available in this app. If you are a person addicted to the Snapchat lenses, then this app is surely the best app for you and if you don’t know about Snapchat lense app, then you must explore the app before using MSQRD face Swap. It allows user to add different animated graphics on your face while you’re clicking yourself. Due to its growing popularity, Facebook has recently acquired the MSQRD Face Swap App. You can download this amazing app for Android directly from here.


So, these are the top five best Face Swap Live apps available on Android through which you can easily swap faces and experiment with its features. Just try it and download the Swap face app Now ! Before moving ahead, let’s see how you can actually use Face Swap live online, if you don’t want to download the above mentioned apps.  Here you go!


Face Swap Live Online- How To Use It?

In order to use Face Swap Live Online the only thing you need is to bring your face and other people face in front of the mobile camera and instantly you’ll see the result that faces swapped on the screen. To make it more funny and better, add different filters and animation available in the app. Face Swap online is available on both Android and iOS platforms. You can download this app directly from its official website and also it is free of cost.

Face Swap Video

This app is similar to the apps that we have talked about earlier the only difference is that Face Swap Video app Swaps the faces in Video Mode. All you need is to bring  your face and other people face (Like your friends relative etc.) in front of Face Swap camera to fit in the screen and start recording the video.

This app is solely made for entertaining purpose and by adding more filters and effects make it more funny and enjoyable. This app is so cool and you should try this one without any delay!


Face Swap App Download For iOS/iPhone Users

On iOS platform, the Face Swap is one of the best app available to download free on Apps Store and as we already discuss about its features that face swap application is very entertaining & fun to use with your friends and family. The app also provides the facility to share the photos and videos instantly on social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc. It’s a good way of keeping yourself and your near-and-dear ones entertained.


The face Swap is already in trending and becomes popular among iPhone users due to its hilarious features and unique effects. People from different age groups using the face Swap app on their iOS devices. You can download the app on your iPhone with the link mentioned here.



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