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By | August 10, 2014

Throughout the recent development of social networks with their multimedia, editing photos has become a mainstay for most people. With Instagram, uploading photos has become a normal routine for some people.

However, with the tons of photo editing apps available for download, a lot of them are actually flops or don’t even perform well in editing photos. Tired of Instagram? Looking for a new platform for your photos? While others resort to editing photos on their computers, there’s still hope in photo editing in the mobile platform. And that hope is placed in apps like Ultravisual.


If you want to edit photos without all the hassle, resorting to the usual photo editing apps and software may not just cut it. If you’re tired of Instagram and want to use something that’s more promising and can do photo editing at lightning speed, then looking at Ultravisual might just be the solution for you.


Ultravisual is available for the iOS which changes the perspective on how you view photos and sharing them online. When it comes to sharing photos, Ultravisual brings an innovative way by letting you upload and edit photos and videos, but without the limit of the square aspect ratio that most photo editing apps bring. On top of that, you can also follow other users on Ultravisual that have a stock of their own creative images.

With its elegant yet simple interface, Ultravisual is perfect for social networking and sharing your photos online. You can search for hashtags, take pictures, upload GIFs, record videos, and a lot more and all of that’s within Ultravisual alone!


Ultravisual has five parts – the feed, collections, camera, editor, and your profile. Each section is easy to access with just one click and you can see uploads of other users that you follow within the feed.


  • Customize the fonts you use with Google Web Fonts and Google Fonts
  • Edit photos a lot faster and a lot easier
  • Slick and convenient interface for easy browsing
  • Built-in Twitter and Flickr widgets for easy sharing of photos
  • Upload your customized logo for your profile
  • Hide meta (date, notes, tags, etc.) for various posts on your homepage

How to Download Ultravisual for PC/ Download Ultravisual for Mac/ Download Ultravisual for Windows/ Download Ultravisual APK

Currently, Ultravisual is only exclusive to the iOS devices but there are still many people without iOS devices but still want to use Ultravisual. Though there’s no port for the PC or the Mac, you can still use it through an iOS emulator that you can also download. Here are a few easy steps that you can follow to install Ultravisual for your PC or Mac.

  • Download and install iPadian 2 for your PC or Mac
  • Once iPadian 2 is installed, search for Ultravisual app on iPadian 2
  • Install Ultravisual on iPadian 2
  • Once you’re done installing the app, open Ultravisual via iPadian 2
  • Editing your photos on Ultravisual and enjoy!
  • For other emulators like GenyMotion and YouWave, you can also download the Ultravisual APK file to install it
  • Download Ultravisual APK: Here

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