Download Soundcloud songs from your iPhone and iPad today; here’s how!

By | May 12, 2015

imagesDo you want to listen to all the best new artists on the go without being hit by a hefty fee for your data usage? Of course, everybody does.

But to listen without an internet connection means downloading the music, which can be tricky when you’re using an iPhone or Apple tablet. But, thanks the brilliant app MusicEnhancer, you can now download tracks straight from Soundcloud, direct to your iPhone/ iOS device.

For finding new music, Soundcloud is one of the best apps around. The music streaming site is more artist-orientated, providing a platform for new and unsigned musicians who just want the biggest platform possible to market their music. Because Soundcloud allows anyone to upload their own music, you can often find tracks by established artists covertly uploaded under the guise of another, lesser known artist. Despite the range of security systems on place to prevent the uploading of copyrighted tracks, Soundcloud is still a great place to find music that would otherwise cost you elsewhere on the web.

Using Soundcloud to listen to paid for music for free can be a good way of saving a bit of cash while still enjoying music from a range of artists. In order to get the MusicEnhancer app to your iPhone or iOS device, you must first Jailbreak (remove the settings from the device that restrict it in downloading certain software).

As a jailbreak only app, MusicEnhancer allows you to directly download any Soundcloud songs directly from your iPhone and iPad. After downloading your tracks, just open or import them into the stock Music app, allowing you to sit back and throw on your favourite tracks in your personal library. You can also listen to your favourite songs through MusicEnhancer.


So if you’re finding yourself out of pocket and in need of some musical therapy, give this method a try and let us know what you think in the comments. Hours of free listening pleasure are just a few clicks away, so why wait?

Available as a $1.99 download from Cydia under the BigBoss repo, MusicEnhancer comes as a recommended solution, based on extensive online reports.

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